So Patrick went today to get his results from his MRI. Said results are not great, hell they are not even good.  I could tell he had been crying when I answered the phone at work.He needs to have surgery on his neck ASAP. He has three discs that are severely damaged.Two of them are ruptured and and rubbing against his spinal column. The doctor told him that he needs to be very careful with everything he does from now until he has the surgery. He got his haircut yesterday and the Dr. said he should have waited. Patrick said “Is it really that bad?” And the Dr. replied in the affirmative.

The problem with his shoulder though is not as bad as we thought. The Doc said that with a little physical therapy it should right itself. So now the problem lies in the fact of where to have the surgery. We found out, while going through my whole knee ordeal, that the islands,or at least Maui doesn’t get the greatest surgeons. So we could send him to Portland to OHSU, Patrick still has 2 sisters living in the Portland,Or/Vancouver, Wa. area. Or we could send him to Boston where the rest of his family is, in fact while talking to one of his Boston sisters , the family would like him to go to Boston.

The next problem lies in the fact that if he goes to the mainland to have surgery, which I am totally ok with him doing ,will I be able to go with him? I know I have FMLA at work so I should be able to go but a) I am not sure how long that covers and b) Not sure if it covers domestic partners. I believe it should since he is on my insurance but will have to find out through HR. If not I might have to take my vacation and am not sure they will grant that. I am comfortable with him being in the care of his family and me staying here, if I have to. By the same token , it is risky neck surgery and I feel that I should be there if I can be . So please send us some good thoughts prayers karma whatever you have good to throw this way. If any of you have advice on what I should do should we decide on the mainland send that my way too !!!! Once again I thank you in advance for all of your heart felt wishes.