OK………….. so many of you may be wondering where I have been for the past 5 days, or, perhaps you haven’t missed me enough to care . But I am gonna tell you anyway, so there. At this point we have no news as to whether or not Patrick can go to the mainland for surgery.As a matter of fact now that the WC folks know how severe his injury is they are all just being peaches and cream ( and if you can’t smell the sarcasm from where you are allow me to tell you that was sarcasm, they are all being royal bitches.) Anyway allow me to recap last week for you .

Monday : Patrick receives his MRI results , which I have already recapped here for you. I won’t beat a dead horse.

Monday early morning/ Tuesday : Patrick gets no sleep due to his neck pain and a new Tooth Ache.

Tuesday Day : Patrick goes to the Dentist and is informed he needs a root canal done and a huge abscess drained. Procedure goes well.

Tuesday Night: I ask to leave work early, because for some unknown reason my left eye is a demonic red color and is swelling up.

Wednesday : I go to our Doctor to find I have a bacterial infection really bad in my left eye and moving to the right quickly. I was given eye drops. The bad thing about the eye drops is I could not wear my contacts with them, and I have no glasses. I did , but I broke them and hadn’t had the time or inclination to get a new pair. All day Wednesday is spent in a blind stupor . However one ray of sunshine in all this bleakness is I got to stay home from work for 5 days.

Thursday : Most of the day on Thursday was spent riding around blind in the car while trying to find an optometrist who could squeeze me in. Then finding a place to get quick glasses made with out costing me my first born child. Luckily the optometrist who saw me knew an independent Dr. with a lab and I got my glasses for a little over $100.00, made in 15 minutes.

Friday and Saturday : These days were actually DRAMA FREE. Friday was a well deserved beach day with friends culminating in a pork tenderloin dinner. Saturday was spent cleaning house and BBQing with some other friends that we hadn’t seen in awhile. Pork Ribs and Sirloin and Veggie Kabobs ..ummm yummy.

Now it is Sunday night and I am at work. Ready for the Icing on the whole freaking cake ?? Because I used some sick time I will not likely have another day off for the next 10 days ……. nice huh? That my friends is why I try not to use my sick days . I hope and pray that your weeks all went better than the week we had. Luckily since it came in 3’s we should be good for awhile . Touch wood ( and not the kind you are thinking about you dirty minded folks.)