First and foremost I would like to thank all of you wonderfully talented and special folks who have sent warm wishes, good thoughts, good Karma etc etc . You will never really know how much they have meant to me and to Patrick as well as I share each and every one of them with him. However, I ,and Patrick as well, are making a conscious effort to turn this whole freakin boat around and get out of those depressing shoals of life. Do we have some challenges ahead of us? Yeah we do ……are those challenges insurmountable?.No they are not. Are we the only ones with problems ?Again no we are not . Time to pull ourselves out of the muck and deal with things as they come. It takes times like these when you find out who your true friends are and the funny thing is you guys know virtually nothing about us. Yet I know that all the thoughts and good wishes were as sincere as the day is long.

The great thing is I know that we will survive the whole dilemma and come out the other end stronger in our love and closer than we are now (which I feel is insanely impossible) yet I know it will come to pass. I also want to apologise for the depressing posts of the past 2 days. I have stumbled upon some blogs in the past that have been very depressing and have sworn to myself I would not go there , and yet I have .  I am not an easy person to get down, but it does happen every once in awhile. To sum my way of thinking up I will leave you with a quote from my favorite musical movie .

” From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success” We are just waiting for some blooms.

*** Special bonus points if you know what movie that song is from. HINT:It involves some Candy and a Automobile.***