Patrick had a Dr appointment today,and,while I hate to say this for fear of jinxing anything,the Dr said he may not need surgery on his neck after all.The good thoughts vibes and prayers have helped. However,we are not out of the woods yet. Patrick had his first round of what is called PM&R(or something close to that) which is a form of traction for his neck. Supposedly it will help stretch out the neck and hopefully allow the disks to pop back into place by themselves. The process is quite painful though and 7 % of the people who have it get migraines due to the medication they have to inject into the neck before beginning traction. Patrick being as lucky as he has been through the whole ordeal IS in the 7 %.  Right now he is confined to complete and total bed (or couch) rest for the next 24 hours.

The reason the Dr. is not sure about the surgery now is that everything from the outside of Patrick’s shoulders into his neck is extremely inflamed. So much so that at this point the Dr is not sure if the PM&R is going to work. Patrick actually took a Valium before his appointment and his shoulders were still hard as a rock during the appointment. Until the Dr can do what he can to get the inflammation to go away there is no way to tell if the surgery will be needed or not,or frankly, what the next step should be.Of course,we would love to see the whole thing fix itself with further PM&R treatments, but only time will tell . So now we play the wait and see game. I hate to see my spouse in as much pain as he is in right now , however if we can get things to work out on their own without invasive surgery that would be ideal. Once again thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers,good wishes,hopes and good karma.Please keep ’em coming for a while longer,if you wouldn’t mind. They are extremely appreciated. I,of course, will keep you all posted here as things progress.