I am not talking about Sister Cleo either. I am talking about me ..well me and Patrick and some others. Patrick and I usually try to call each other a few times a day just to check in. Lately the conversations have been getting a bit creepy. here is an example:

phone rings :

S : “hey babe”

P: “Hello psychic boy ”

S: “what are you talking about ?”

P: “I was just dialing your number”

  I guess that can kinda be explained away by routine , we both know we call each other , just a timing thing I guess you can say . So let me give you another example In the winter no matter where I live I get very dry skin and cracking on my feet, so we went and got some lotion. Last Friday we were sitting on our lanai enjoying some coffee and watching Lola romp around the yard. While drinking my coffee I happened to look down at my feet which had begun to show considerable improvement .

I said ” Wow Look my feet are already starting to look better after one night of the cream!” Patrick just started laughing , when I asked him why he was laughing he said he was just about to comment on that right when I did.

Now If this was just Patrick and I it might all be explained away we have lived together for 6 years , but now it is starting to leak into other areas. I am finishing statements for people at work I hardly know. I am calling people who were “just about to pick up the phone and call me” Just weird crap like that. Who knows maybe I am “On the list” (you won’t really get that unless you watch heroes) I might have to set up a call in line , and who knows maybe I will call myself Sister Cleo , kinda has a ring to it .