Patrick had another Dr appointment yesterday with our GP Dr. ,who we have kept in the loop about Patrick’s whole WC injury, even though he doesn’t handle WC. He is actually IRATEat the people at Kaiser as well as the WC people. I learned something new yesterday that kinda has me freaked out a bit. Patrick has  an inheritable  narrow spinal column, it’s a genetic thing 2 of his sisters have it too. Basically it means that is spinal column is smaller or I should say more narrow than most peoples.

The reason our GP is irate is the fact that this actually adds to the seriousness of his injury. The Dr. is miffed as to why they haven’t already done the surgery, apparently the physiology route is not going to help matters at all and in fact may affect it adversely.

This has me freaked out for a number of reasons, the Dr. doesn’t even want Patrick in a car unless absolutely unavoidable. He says one wrong jolt or bump or fall or anything may complicate matters and then Patrick will be in even bigger trouble . So sayeth the Dr. Now add to this the freakin WC people who are trying adamantly to prove that none of this happened during this latest fall. Which of course is slowing things all up because nowthey are subpoenaing all of Patrick’s medical records for like the past, I think 10 years. I know these people are just doing their job ……but for crying out loud folks . Here are the facts….Patrick had no pain in his neck at all for as long as I have known him. Then one day WHILE AT WORK he has an accident. After the accident he goes to the Dr then the MRI showing 2 bulging and one herniated disk in his neck .Seems fairly cut and dry to me .

I just really HATE HATE HATE to see the man who is my everything in the world have to go through all this BS. I really don’t know what else we can do to show the WC people we are not trying to pull a fraud on them. It is just very frustrating , especially knowing that there really is not one thing I can do to make Patrick feel any better . He told me last night he feels like a loser because he really isn’t contributing to our expenses. I of course told him not to be a dumb ass ( not in those words of course) and that when I said in sickness and health I meant it , some things are unavoidable. Something has got to give and I mean soon .

Thanks for reading !