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Mr. (Or I Should Say, Ms.)Wizard

When I was younger I was quite the geek. Even though you all might find it hard to believe it is true, and at times is still true today.I have even been known, on occasion, to read novels with Elves, Wizards, Trolls, Knights and “unlikely heros”. I used to love science fairs and the like, not to participate in but to stroll through and see what the other geeks were making in their down time. I loved the erupting volcanoes, the power generated by a water mill ( small scale) and the homemade electron magnets they were all just way to cool.

I will even admit that in my adulthood I have watched a few of the robot war shows where the created robots are set in a cage to destroy each other. Yes I was a geek. I thought these things were cool, however, saw no use for them in my everyday life. Who needs a volcano to erupt to let him know he is late for something, like a cuckoo clock gone bad.

However one of the coolest things along these lines, was again, when I lived in Portland. We had a friend that lived close to Mt. Hood in a little berg called Brightwood,Oregon. We would go and see her alot in the winter when the snows had made it to her house but had not blessed the urban areas. Her house was very cool, it was a basic Log structure with a wrap around porch, nestled back in the woods near the bottom of Mt Hood. She had a stream flowing through her back yard and a huge meadow in the front of her house,with nary a neighbor in site. In fact the only real sign of civilization at all were the power lines that ran through the sky above the meadow and their incessant thrumming.

The first time I went to her house she showed me her little Mr. Wizard secret(see I haven’t really wandered to far off topic) . We had gone up to visit and hang out for the weekend ( jeez another Portland weekend story)  Patrick and I made our signature dish for dinner that night ( home made Chicken Parmesan) and as it started to get dark, Lisa ( that was our friend’s name) said to me, ” Scott do you wanna see something really freaking spooky? ”

I had to think about this for a moment before answering because A) We really were in the middle of nowhere B) I had just met her and C) I have never seen the movie Deliverance but I heard it is kinda spooky. However I did throw caution to the wind and replied in the affirmative. After I answered we all went outside( it seems that Patrick and his sister were in on the trick) . Lisa went out back to her garbage can, and pulled out an old, used up fluorescent bulb ( yeah, the kind from your high school hallway) and walked out to the middle of the meadow. Right below the power line. I quietly asked what the heck she was doing .
” Wait for it .” Patrick said to me . No sooner had he said that Lisa’s hair started to float up in the air, kinda like she was in a pool or anti gravity machine. However, the coolest part was, at the same time the light bulb began to glow, slowly growing in intensity until it was almost as bright as it would be in a hallway.  The light died soon after she walked away from the power lines. At first I did not believe it was a burnt out bulb, but upon closer inspection you could tell that it was. Looking back on it now I guess it would explain the 6 legged deer and the spiders that looked like monkeys that I saw the next day when we went on our hike.


Go fly a Kite

This post is inspired by the video that this guy had in a post on Friday.

When we lived in Portland Patrick had a friend that lived in Pacific City, Oregon. It is a city, on the shores of the Pacific, go figure. The friend is actually the one that was here visiting us a couple of weeks ago…..but I digress.

Patrick’s friend, lets call her Sydney, just because I have always liked that name. That, and the fact that it is her name. Anyway, Sydney invited us to come and stay with her for a long weekend by the beach. We were so excited that we decided to go and buy kites to fly on the beach.

There was a store in Portland on N.W. 23rd,that specialized in anything wind related, where we went to get our kites. I decided on a very beautiful butterfly kite, while Patrick decided on a more complicated box thing. As we were purchasing our kites we got to talking to the saleslady. During the conversation she found out we were going to Pacific City to fly our kites.

“Oh, honey , if you are going out there you are going to need a stronger grade of string” she said to Patrick.

( Who knew there were different grades of kite string?)

“What about me ?”, I asked tentatively.

“Your kite should be just fine,I am only saying that with the box kite there will be more resistance, so your friend needs a stronger string.”

And so we left the store on our way to the Oregon coast. It was a gorgeous drive through the Tillamook Forest. We got there a little late in the day to fly our kites so we decided to just take Lola for a walk on the beach, and save our flying for the next day. It was on this trip that we learned how much Lola loved the beach. She played so hard that, when we were leaving, she would have to lay down every 5 yards or so and rest on the way back to the car(and this was right after we got her so she was 1.5 years old).

The next day dawned bright, clear and windy, so we were both kinda stoked about getting down to the beach and trying out our kite flying skills. We assembled our kites at the house so we could just hit the sand flying as it were. We both got ours kites up fairly easy, as I mentioned it was windy. We were both having a blast laughing and running with Lola at our heels, barking at the kites. I decided to be a little fancy and started doing loops with my butterfly. That is until my regular grade kite string snapped, and my butterfly took off on it’s own little adventure. Did I mention it was windy ? I think I did, and seeing that the beautiful butterfly was pretty high up there it just kept going….and going …..and going not losing any altitude as it meandered along. Finally in started to descend , landing about 10 feet off the shore. Luckily it was washed ashore by the waves so I did not have to fetch it. Do you know how cold the ocean is at the Oregon Coast? Pretty freaking cold. My beautiful butterfly was destroyed, by the wind and then the waves. It only took me about 45 minutes to wind up all of the loose string (regular grade) and by that time I was ready to go . That Ladies and Gentleman was the first ( and last) time I have flown a kite as an adult.

Clarification and an Update

Clarification: In my last post I neglected a detail. As the moth was headed toward Patrick he started flailing his arms around like a big ole bugophobe    girl.He did not intentionally stab me. My face just got in the way of his dramatic flailing.

Update: Patrick just got off the phone with his WC Nurse and he is scheduled for a neurological consult on March 12th on Oahu. That is the good news. The bad news,which of course, makes everything balance is that the Dr that our GP recommended is not available or doesn’t “do” WC cases. Which means that, yet again, we are stuck doing what the WC people want instead of what is best for Patrick. And yet, with Patrick being in so much constant pain (now he is starting to get spasms in his arm and hand) I am beginning to think we should just go with their Doctor.There is only so much pain and frustration 1 person should be made to go through, for something that was not his fault in the first place. If I have said it once, I have said it 1000 times this freaking system needs a serious looking into. We will still be calling Patrick’s lawyer to see if there is anything else that can be done to assure a good surgeon. But I am not sure there is really anything he can do about it. So it would seem that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it isn’t the headlight of an oncoming train.

On How I Almost Lost an Eye

Patrick hates bugs, and when I say hates I really mean loathes, abhors, can not stand them. Any bug, from the cutest lil lady bug to the afore mentioned Cane spiders. He even hates butterflies ya’ll. If it has 6 or 8 legs best keep it away from my man. This will all come into play a little later.

A few months ago Patrick’s cousin invited us up to her house for a barbecue. Because of the fact that she is an excellent cook, and we had not seen her for awhile we said of course we would come. We even took Lola along so she could play with her “cousin” Pebbles. Normally when we go up there we start out by playing a few games Pictionary, Apples to Apples or Cranium are our usual suspects.

We had a great time visiting and playing games for a bit, then the cooking commenced. Now, when The Cuz cooks she puts out a pretty good spread. That night was New York Strip steaks, Corn on the Cob, (My) Potato Salad and various other items. Finally we sat down to eat. I sat to Patrick’s right side which could have turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. You see, when Patrick eats anything that needs to be cut with a steak knife he holds said knife in his right hand.Which is all fine and dandy………until a moth gets in the house……and flies straight at Patrick. Yup, that night I left with a doggie bag of left overs and a 2 inch gash on the left side of my face about 2 centimeters from my eye. So if any of you ever have occasion to eat with us, and any kind of meat is on the menu, you would be well advised to sit as far away from Patrick as possible without being rude. You never know what uninvited guest might show up. You have all been forewarned.

***** P.S. ***** As you all might be able to tell I have once again changed WP themes. It just seemed every other blog and their blogger mother was using the same one I was. No big deal I just wanted to be a little different ( No offense Spider) After all it wasn’t MY theme I was just using it , then so was everyone else . Truth be told I am holding out for the WP people to give us China Red as a theme, it is really cool .   😛

Where in the World…..

Is ScottK. ?? I am around. Things that have been keeping me away from my adoring(?) fans.

 Work: Kicking my Butt

Patrick : Still pretty much in pain and Depressed, trying to keep him entertained is a full time job.

Those things on top of computer issues at home make it hard to post. However I shall return and I might even have something to say when I come back! Thanks for checking in and thanks for those that have been wondering what’s going on. Also thank you a bazillion times for all the questions about Patrick and his impending Surgery. I will try to get back here with an update soon. Thank you for your patience!!!

Ramblings and Rain Calls

 Ramble #1 : We have been entertaining some friends from Portland this past week. An old room mate of Patrick’s and her family. While I have only gotten to see them twice it has been fun. Patrick has spent a couple of days with them, and today I got them all pool passes at my resort. All in all a good week.

Ramble #2 : Patrick’s old room mate had a baby right before Christmas. He is 8 weeks old and is perhaps one of the, if not the most beautiful babies in the world . Barring my nieces and nephews, of course. I had forgotten how nice babies smell. He had Patrick (and me) at the first smile and gurgle . 

Ramble #3 : This Thursday  February 15 is our anniversary. The start of our 7th year together and our 1st year of actually being married. I am surprising him with a night at the resort a nice dinner and a couple of hours at the spa. Our Spa is in the top 5 of all the spas world wide. He has been in a funk for awhile because of the whole neck thing. I am hoping this makes him feel a bit better.

Rain Calls: As anyone knows who has read my blog for a while, I work in the Hospitality Field, at one of the top rated Resorts/Spas in the world. I love my job. In my position I work very closely with banquets in delivering equipment and food to all banquet functions. On most days it is a relatively easy job. Unless it looks like it may rain. Or if it rains unexpectedly. Then we have to move all outside functions indoors. Take last night as an example. We had a dinner for 400 people on one of our outdoor sites. Usually the rain call for things like this is supposed to happen at 11 o”clock A.M. so we have plenty of time to deliver or move equipment and/or food. However when the rain is unexpected the call may not be made until the last minute. Last night the rain call was made after everything had already been delivered to the outdoor site. Needless to say it was quite a night. It is nice though in the fact that all of our departments work very well together, it reminds me kind of like an ant hill or bee hive. We had the whole party, remember it was 400 people, all food, equipment, everything , ready at the new location in 45 minutes. Impressive even if I must say so myself, I was very proud of my crew.I love it when I can leave for the night knowing that I had a hand in doing something noteworthy. In knowing that I have made some people’s stay here in paradise a little more memorable.

OK … I have been gone a bit, but with good reason. Work has been kicking the poop outta me. The big boss of my Dept. was on vacation last week, so I was the go to man. First of all I am soooo not a morning person and for 5 days I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn ( yes we have that here in Maui) so that I could get here by 8. Then the executive Chef decided it was time to walk the grounds and make sure we are inspection ready, I spent a total of 14 hours in two days inspecting restaurants on our property. 

Have I told you yet about my commuting irony? No? Well here it is :

Wherever I have lived on the mainland I have always made it a point to live relatively close to my work place. My longest commute on the mainland was 15-20 minutes. Now that I live on a island in the middle of the pacific ocean my commute is 45 minutes to an hour depending on tourists  traffic………. but I digress…… back to the point of this post(if there is one ) .

About 2 weeks ago we had a freak storm hit the islands. What made this storm so freaky was the winds that it brought. I ain’t kidding y’all, walking to my car from the house I felt like Dorothy as she was trying to get back Aunty Em’s place ( pre-oz) .

These winds were like 35-40 mph winds and even though I say I am the king of overstatement,I am not lying. Well the force of these winds blowing non stop with intermittent rain for about 4 days caused the one tree that affords us any privacy from our neighbors to topple to the ground. The good news is that the root system is still in the ground, and the tree doesn’t look like it was damaged badly. However with Patrick still in major pain, and me working 20 million hours a week we haven’t had a chance to fix it,yet. But, because we wanted our privacy hedge back we stood the tree back up and propped it there with two really heavy planters. We then trimmed the tree on the one side so the weight of it would not pull it back down. The result? A really pitiful looking tree obviously propped up by planters.

You know you’re a Hawaiian redneck when you have a broken tea leaf tree in your front yard propped up,and supported by empty planters.

I am NOT a neat freak. My house is not always “guest ready”. Especially now with Patrick injured some things are just “let go ” until I can get to them. I know that as a  gay, untidiness should “make me itch” (to quote a new friend) , but it doesn’t . I will get to it when I get to it. Until you get to my book case. Patrick, as well as pretty much anyone that knows me, laugh at me all the time about how anal I can be/am about my books. So much so that many people get nervous when asking if they could borrow a book. When I go to a book store the biggest eater of my time is looking for the one book that is pristine, no scratches on the cover no wrinkled pages etc, etc.I will search every book in the same stack until I find the one that, to me, is most pleasing aesthetically

Back when I lived in Portland, Or. my favorite haunt ( Ok besides Scandal’s ) was Powell’s Bookstore. I could get lost in there for days. Luckily, they have a cafe/coffee shop so I could eat some pastries to keep up my perusing strength. They do a thing there that you can take in used books for cash or store credits. They used to be amazed by the quality of my books. They always used to ask if I had really read it. It has now become a running joke among those that know me.

I really don’t see it as something that is that funny. There are certain things I like to do/have done  with my books, get over it . If you were to come to my house and asked to borrow a book it would be given to you with a carefree attitude and a dialogue. Something that Patrick has down by heart , and usually leaves the room for .Here are a few things I ask of my book borrowers.

1) Please do not dog ear my pages  ( I am really adamant about this one . I have a surplus of bookmarks and will give one to you when you borrow a book).

2) Please do not take it to the pool or the beach.

3) If it is a hardback book ( which I do not have that many of) please do not read it with the dust jacket on it. By the same token if it had a dust jacket when I lent it to you please make sure it is there when it comes back.

4) No snacking please. I hate it when I get a book back and it has Dorito crumbs spill out of it the next time I look in it . Plus the greasy fingerprints smear the ink. 

5) Last but not least I tell them that I would like it back in a timely manner. When I say this I make it clear I am not being rude, it’s just that I have lost so many books , simply by them not being returned….ever.

So yeah,most people laugh at me when my schpeal is done . Some of them chose not to run the risk having an accident with one and feel my wrath. Which is kind of the appeal . I know deep down if they were really someone I would want to lend my stuff to then they wouldn’t have a problem with my “speech”. If they accept my dialogue then I know the book will be in good hands. Or maybe , just maybe I really am a freak of nature of such a magnitude that even I have not plumbed its depths . Rest assured whatever the answer is, I would also treat any book that I borrowed from you with the same standard of care that my own books receive.

***** FYI :usually if you have borrowed a book from me in the past I don’t do the whole schpeal again. Also depending on the person, I have been known to be a little flexible with my “rules”. So I am not THE book Ogre this post might imply.  *****


OK So ..I was reading an article about our “fearless chimpanzee in the blue suit with the American flag Lapel pin” about how he was to apologize to the democrats about something or other and read this quote:

“There is way to much politics in Washington ”

He then went on to say he “was never really good with big words”…………………..

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Blank Stares}}}}}}}}}}}}}}   {{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Crickets chirping}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

2008 can not get here soon enough.