OK …..so I have been gone a bit, but with good reason. Work has been kicking the poop outta me. The big boss of my Dept. was on vacation last week, so I was the go to man. First of all I am soooo not a morning person and for 5 days I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn ( yes we have that here in Maui) so that I could get here by 8. Then the executive Chef decided it was time to walk the grounds and make sure we are inspection ready, I spent a total of 14 hours in two days inspecting restaurants on our property. 

Have I told you yet about my commuting irony? No? Well here it is :

Wherever I have lived on the mainland I have always made it a point to live relatively close to my work place. My longest commute on the mainland was 15-20 minutes. Now that I live on a island in the middle of the pacific ocean my commute is 45 minutes to an hour depending on tourists  traffic………. but I digress…… back to the point of this post(if there is one ) .

About 2 weeks ago we had a freak storm hit the islands. What made this storm so freaky was the winds that it brought. I ain’t kidding y’all, walking to my car from the house I felt like Dorothy as she was trying to get back Aunty Em’s place ( pre-oz) .

These winds were like 35-40 mph winds and even though I say I am the king of overstatement,I am not lying. Well the force of these winds blowing non stop with intermittent rain for about 4 days caused the one tree that affords us any privacy from our neighbors to topple to the ground. The good news is that the root system is still in the ground, and the tree doesn’t look like it was damaged badly. However with Patrick still in major pain, and me working 20 million hours a week we haven’t had a chance to fix it,yet. But, because we wanted our privacy hedge back we stood the tree back up and propped it there with two really heavy planters. We then trimmed the tree on the one side so the weight of it would not pull it back down. The result? A really pitiful looking tree obviously propped up by planters.

You know you’re a Hawaiian redneck when you have a broken tea leaf tree in your front yard propped up,and supported by empty planters.