Ramble #1 : We have been entertaining some friends from Portland this past week. An old room mate of Patrick’s and her family. While I have only gotten to see them twice it has been fun. Patrick has spent a couple of days with them, and today I got them all pool passes at my resort. All in all a good week.

Ramble #2 : Patrick’s old room mate had a baby right before Christmas. He is 8 weeks old and is perhaps one of the, if not the most beautiful babies in the world . Barring my nieces and nephews, of course. I had forgotten how nice babies smell. He had Patrick (and me) at the first smile and gurgle . 

Ramble #3 : This Thursday  February 15 is our anniversary. The start of our 7th year together and our 1st year of actually being married. I am surprising him with a night at the resort a nice dinner and a couple of hours at the spa. Our Spa is in the top 5 of all the spas world wide. He has been in a funk for awhile because of the whole neck thing. I am hoping this makes him feel a bit better.

Rain Calls: As anyone knows who has read my blog for a while, I work in the Hospitality Field, at one of the top rated Resorts/Spas in the world. I love my job. In my position I work very closely with banquets in delivering equipment and food to all banquet functions. On most days it is a relatively easy job. Unless it looks like it may rain. Or if it rains unexpectedly. Then we have to move all outside functions indoors. Take last night as an example. We had a dinner for 400 people on one of our outdoor sites. Usually the rain call for things like this is supposed to happen at 11 o”clock A.M. so we have plenty of time to deliver or move equipment and/or food. However when the rain is unexpected the call may not be made until the last minute. Last night the rain call was made after everything had already been delivered to the outdoor site. Needless to say it was quite a night. It is nice though in the fact that all of our departments work very well together, it reminds me kind of like an ant hill or bee hive. We had the whole party, remember it was 400 people, all food, equipment, everything , ready at the new location in 45 minutes. Impressive even if I must say so myself, I was very proud of my crew.I love it when I can leave for the night knowing that I had a hand in doing something noteworthy. In knowing that I have made some people’s stay here in paradise a little more memorable.