Patrick hates bugs, and when I say hates I really mean loathes, abhors, can not stand them. Any bug, from the cutest lil lady bug to the afore mentioned Cane spiders. He even hates butterflies ya’ll. If it has 6 or 8 legs best keep it away from my man. This will all come into play a little later.

A few months ago Patrick’s cousin invited us up to her house for a barbecue. Because of the fact that she is an excellent cook, and we had not seen her for awhile we said of course we would come. We even took Lola along so she could play with her “cousin” Pebbles. Normally when we go up there we start out by playing a few games Pictionary, Apples to Apples or Cranium are our usual suspects.

We had a great time visiting and playing games for a bit, then the cooking commenced. Now, when The Cuz cooks she puts out a pretty good spread. That night was New York Strip steaks, Corn on the Cob, (My) Potato Salad and various other items. Finally we sat down to eat. I sat to Patrick’s right side which could have turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. You see, when Patrick eats anything that needs to be cut with a steak knife he holds said knife in his right hand.Which is all fine and dandy………until a moth gets in the house……and flies straight at Patrick. Yup, that night I left with a doggie bag of left overs and a 2 inch gash on the left side of my face about 2 centimeters from my eye. So if any of you ever have occasion to eat with us, and any kind of meat is on the menu, you would be well advised to sit as far away from Patrick as possible without being rude. You never know what uninvited guest might show up. You have all been forewarned.

***** P.S. ***** As you all might be able to tell I have once again changed WP themes. It just seemed every other blog and their blogger mother was using the same one I was. No big deal I just wanted to be a little different ( No offense Spider) After all it wasn’t MY theme I was just using it , then so was everyone else . Truth be told I am holding out for the WP people to give us China Red as a theme, it is really cool .   😛