Clarification: In my last post I neglected a detail. As the moth was headed toward Patrick he started flailing his arms around like a big ole bugophobe    girl.He did not intentionally stab me. My face just got in the way of his dramatic flailing.

Update: Patrick just got off the phone with his WC Nurse and he is scheduled for a neurological consult on March 12th on Oahu. That is the good news. The bad news,which of course, makes everything balance is that the Dr that our GP recommended is not available or doesn’t “do” WC cases. Which means that, yet again, we are stuck doing what the WC people want instead of what is best for Patrick. And yet, with Patrick being in so much constant pain (now he is starting to get spasms in his arm and hand) I am beginning to think we should just go with their Doctor.There is only so much pain and frustration 1 person should be made to go through, for something that was not his fault in the first place. If I have said it once, I have said it 1000 times this freaking system needs a serious looking into. We will still be calling Patrick’s lawyer to see if there is anything else that can be done to assure a good surgeon. But I am not sure there is really anything he can do about it. So it would seem that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it isn’t the headlight of an oncoming train.