This post is inspired by the video that this guy had in a post on Friday.

When we lived in Portland Patrick had a friend that lived in Pacific City, Oregon. It is a city, on the shores of the Pacific, go figure. The friend is actually the one that was here visiting us a couple of weeks ago…..but I digress.

Patrick’s friend, lets call her Sydney, just because I have always liked that name. That, and the fact that it is her name. Anyway, Sydney invited us to come and stay with her for a long weekend by the beach. We were so excited that we decided to go and buy kites to fly on the beach.

There was a store in Portland on N.W. 23rd,that specialized in anything wind related, where we went to get our kites. I decided on a very beautiful butterfly kite, while Patrick decided on a more complicated box thing. As we were purchasing our kites we got to talking to the saleslady. During the conversation she found out we were going to Pacific City to fly our kites.

“Oh, honey , if you are going out there you are going to need a stronger grade of string” she said to Patrick.

( Who knew there were different grades of kite string?)

“What about me ?”, I asked tentatively.

“Your kite should be just fine,I am only saying that with the box kite there will be more resistance, so your friend needs a stronger string.”

And so we left the store on our way to the Oregon coast. It was a gorgeous drive through the Tillamook Forest. We got there a little late in the day to fly our kites so we decided to just take Lola for a walk on the beach, and save our flying for the next day. It was on this trip that we learned how much Lola loved the beach. She played so hard that, when we were leaving, she would have to lay down every 5 yards or so and rest on the way back to the car(and this was right after we got her so she was 1.5 years old).

The next day dawned bright, clear and windy, so we were both kinda stoked about getting down to the beach and trying out our kite flying skills. We assembled our kites at the house so we could just hit the sand flying as it were. We both got ours kites up fairly easy, as I mentioned it was windy. We were both having a blast laughing and running with Lola at our heels, barking at the kites. I decided to be a little fancy and started doing loops with my butterfly. That is until my regular grade kite string snapped, and my butterfly took off on it’s own little adventure. Did I mention it was windy ? I think I did, and seeing that the beautiful butterfly was pretty high up there it just kept going….and going …..and going not losing any altitude as it meandered along. Finally in started to descend , landing about 10 feet off the shore. Luckily it was washed ashore by the waves so I did not have to fetch it. Do you know how cold the ocean is at the Oregon Coast? Pretty freaking cold. My beautiful butterfly was destroyed, by the wind and then the waves. It only took me about 45 minutes to wind up all of the loose string (regular grade) and by that time I was ready to go . That Ladies and Gentleman was the first ( and last) time I have flown a kite as an adult.