When I was younger I was quite the geek. Even though you all might find it hard to believe it is true, and at times is still true today.I have even been known, on occasion, to read novels with Elves, Wizards, Trolls, Knights and “unlikely heros”. I used to love science fairs and the like, not to participate in but to stroll through and see what the other geeks were making in their down time. I loved the erupting volcanoes, the power generated by a water mill ( small scale) and the homemade electron magnets they were all just way to cool.

I will even admit that in my adulthood I have watched a few of the robot war shows where the created robots are set in a cage to destroy each other. Yes I was a geek. I thought these things were cool, however, saw no use for them in my everyday life. Who needs a volcano to erupt to let him know he is late for something, like a cuckoo clock gone bad.

However one of the coolest things along these lines, was again, when I lived in Portland. We had a friend that lived close to Mt. Hood in a little berg called Brightwood,Oregon. We would go and see her alot in the winter when the snows had made it to her house but had not blessed the urban areas. Her house was very cool, it was a basic Log structure with a wrap around porch, nestled back in the woods near the bottom of Mt Hood. She had a stream flowing through her back yard and a huge meadow in the front of her house,with nary a neighbor in site. In fact the only real sign of civilization at all were the power lines that ran through the sky above the meadow and their incessant thrumming.

The first time I went to her house she showed me her little Mr. Wizard secret(see I haven’t really wandered to far off topic) . We had gone up to visit and hang out for the weekend ( jeez another Portland weekend story)  Patrick and I made our signature dish for dinner that night ( home made Chicken Parmesan) and as it started to get dark, Lisa ( that was our friend’s name) said to me, ” Scott do you wanna see something really freaking spooky? ”

I had to think about this for a moment before answering because A) We really were in the middle of nowhere B) I had just met her and C) I have never seen the movie Deliverance but I heard it is kinda spooky. However I did throw caution to the wind and replied in the affirmative. After I answered we all went outside( it seems that Patrick and his sister were in on the trick) . Lisa went out back to her garbage can, and pulled out an old, used up fluorescent bulb ( yeah, the kind from your high school hallway) and walked out to the middle of the meadow. Right below the power line. I quietly asked what the heck she was doing .
” Wait for it .” Patrick said to me . No sooner had he said that Lisa’s hair started to float up in the air, kinda like she was in a pool or anti gravity machine. However, the coolest part was, at the same time the light bulb began to glow, slowly growing in intensity until it was almost as bright as it would be in a hallway.  The light died soon after she walked away from the power lines. At first I did not believe it was a burnt out bulb, but upon closer inspection you could tell that it was. Looking back on it now I guess it would explain the 6 legged deer and the spiders that looked like monkeys that I saw the next day when we went on our hike.