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How Many………

………….Surgeons does WC have to hear from before they actually do something? I know sounds like a joke right ? Like how many surgeons does it take to get  a WC person to change a light bulb. Well sadly enough in our case it is no joke. As I have mentioned before Patrick has seen 3 different surgeons, plus he has even spoken to our regular Dr. who is an Internal Medicine Dr. as well as a surgeon. So that equals 4 right? Then it must take 5 or more with a general consensus of surgery being needed. Because, yup, that’s right, the surgery has been denied until they can get ANOTHER IME (Independent Medical Exam) in MAY………yeah I said MAY. That will mean ladies and gents that the surgery may not happen until July because it takes a IME Dr about 6-8 weeks to write his report.That will be 8 months after the accident took place. 8 months of an individual being in pain who shouldn’t have to be.The Lawyer has sent 2 appeals to the WC folk trying to get one sooner but the appeals have both been turned down.

And you want to know the whole irony of the situation? Of course you do. There was an IME scheduled to take place before we hired the lawyer. When Patrick told the Lawyer about the IME he was ADAMANT that Patrick not go to it. So now we have another slowdown (read full stop) that was most likely, in effect caused by the lawyer. And so it goes…..and goes ….and goes. We even asked the lawyer what would happen if we just got rid of the whole WC aspect and used our regular insurance. Since it has been deemed a WC case our regular insurance will not touch it. Wheels with-in wheels. And here is the best part of all . The other morning when Patrick was in the shower, he reached up to adjust the shower head and his whole body went numb and he kinda had a little tumble. So I find it safe to say the problem is not getting any better, it is only getting worse. I,we, are emotionally and physically drained by all of this crap , although I suppose it is wearing a bit harder on Patrick since he is the one with all the freaking pain.

 On a better note our regular GP is being awesome he has called the WC surgeon twice that I know of and read him the freaking riot act. Patrick could actually hear him screaming at him from the next room at his last appointment.We will see what good it does though, most likely nothing but it is good to see that someone is on our side. Once again I am sorry for the sad and defeated quality of this post . It feels as though we are bashing our heads against a rock. I am out of ideas and almost out of hope for any kind of speedy closure to our saga. Patrick is holding on there and being as good as can be expected, but I know how miserable he is, and the knowing makes it that much worse.


Assault & Battery

This is not a post to let you know that someone I care for has been beaten. In an attempt to bring back some life to this ol’blog o’mine I am going  to regale you with a story I should have posted last summer. 

If you are a long time reader of mine (or if you have perused the archives) you will know that last June Patrick and I went to Orlando to visit with “The Mouse”. Patrick had been there a couple of times, however June was my first foray into the world of all things mouse. Unlike some other Orlandoites (Orlandians ?) I love all things Disney. Perhaps it is because I have not lived in Orlando, thus I have not seen the dark underbelly of the Mouse. I am like a kid in an Amusement Park, always have been, and hopefully always will be. Patrick even said that watching me in the parks made him fall in love with me all over again (I know how cute right?).

Even more important to me then just Disney, are the characters of Winnie the Pooh. I love Roo,Piglet,Owl and even that lil ole bear all stuffed with fluff. More than any of these I love tigger ( tee eye double guh rrr) he is the ultimate Disney character to me. Some of my closest friends even say I resemble him at times, I think it’s just because I have large ears and kinda big cheek bones. Oh yeah , and because I am not to graceful (read clumsy).

(Although as an aside I will say I don’t go overboard with my Tigger paraphenalia. I have one shirt, one pin, one stuffed tigger,a magnet, a coffee mug and a key chain. I looked for a Tigger baseball cap but could not find one to save my life, but I digress….)

 Back to Patrick loving me even more in the Parks. Until, I believe, it was night three of searching for Tigger. I think that is when the love turned to shocked and appalled. You see my readers that was the night that I did something so horrible, that I can barely believe I did it. Yes, I was the assaulter, I was the batterer. I assaulted Eeyore. Those of you who have lost all respect for me can leave quietly through the back door please, I don’t blame you.

It was not at all a premeditated assault, by any means. There we were walking through one of the “lands”, we rounded a corner and there they were in all their stuffed glory. Pooh and Eeyore were shambling their way towards us as best they could, burdened with all that stuffing. The next thing I know I was pulling on Eeyore’s arm asking , no yelling, “Where is Tigger ? Where is Tigger? Can we get your picture”? I may have “accidentally” pushed him a time or two as well. Amazingly his tail did not fall off once while I was accosting him. I am not sure, but Patrick said I even squeezed the loveable old donkey’s nose. Luckily, I came to my senses when I noticed the rather large security guy staring at me with daggers in his eyes. I withdrew and Eeyore and Pooh went “backstage”. Patrick and I were once again alone on the street in the middle of some “land”. He gave me a look that was a mixture of disdain and amusement and said ” I can not believe you just assaulted Eeyore.” Then he took off, as if not to be associated with me.

” I am sorry ” I yelled, as I ran to catch up to him.

Needless to say,the next day, when we actually did find Tigger, I barely contained my excitement. I did it though. When it was my turn to talk to him I just hugged him and told him he was my Favorite. Character. Ever. Then I got my picture taken with him. Three times.


As I started to write this post,I thought about not doing it . It seems that the only thing I write about anymore is Patrick and his impending surgery. It makes sense I suppose, it is pretty much all I think about these days. It makes sense because I can’t even ask Patrick how he is anymore with out him not wanting to tell me because he is in so much pain.  

 Today we found out from his surgeon that WC is still hemming and hawing about even oking the surgery. A surgery that is supposed to be preformed next Friday. They want to talk to his surgeon about seeing if it can be fixed with physical therapy. Now, here is where the title of this post comes into play. We are going to play a little game. I invite you to play along, if you will.

Step one- Raise the index finger of your right hand  straight up in the air, like you are pointing at the ceiling. Now imagine that is your spinal column.

Step two- Now take the index finger of your left hand,kind of at an angle, put it on the inside of your right index finger right at the crease where your first joint bends. 

Step three- Exert pressure with your left index finger until your right one starts to bend at the first knuckle.

Got it ??? Good! Now the right finger as I have mentioned is a(patrick’s) spinal column. The left finger at the crease is the vertebrae that is increasingly exerting pressure onto said spinal column. This is the picture that Patrick’s MRI paints for all to see. As a mater of fact when P went to his consult, the surgeon asked him if he could see where the problem was. Of course, he pointed it out with out a problem. Three, yes I said three, M.D.’s have looked at this MRI. All three of them have come up with the same conclusion, surgery must be preformed ASAP.

Now imagine you are some stupid ingorant fool who works for the Workman’s Compensation Dept. And as that person tell me WHAT RIGHT do you have to postpone any longer a surgery that should have been performed months ago. There is a PERSON behind that claim number you F*&*^ing idiot. That person is at times in so much pain he does not sleep one wink all night. And yet you see fit to drag this thing out since December 7th. 2006. Why?? So you can try to get out of paying money to get him the relief he needs. You have THE NERVE to suggest Physical therapy to try and help the body correct itself. Do you UNDERSTAND that 1 DR. and 2 surgeons have stressed to him not even to be in a moving vehicle unless it was extremely important. Yet you want him to “fix it ” with physical therapy. Do you, OH reader of claims and sitter behind desks, have a degree in medicine?? Do you even have a clue what the F&*^ you are talking about? Indeed do you know your ASS from your ELBOW? I think not. What I do think is that it is time to STEP UP and do your job. Help the poor guy out who was hurt AT WORK, WHILE DOING HIS JOB. I have had it up to here ( Imagine me with my hand at least 1 foot above my head) with your inadequacies and your trying to prove he didn’t do it at work. I am frustrated to the point of NO RETURN with a F&*^%ing group of people who have not 1 iota of medical expertise telling my husband what needs to be done, when several people with medical degrees have said that you are the ones who are in the wrong.

 Both surgeons have stated they “couldn’t believe they hadn’t oked this” and that was months ago. It is time to get off your fat LAZY ASSES AND do something. Do what you need to do to  get Patrick some F&(*^ing relief. I am helpless to do any more than I already have for him. Yes I can be/have been there for him when he hurts but that is not what he needs. He needs you to do your job. Oh yeah and to remember behind each and every report that comes across your overly used and worn out desks, there is a person. A person in pain. A person that needs your help.

**** I apologise for the rant , and the number of Caps used . I am simply FED UP****

I will be your Father Figure

Patrick’s dad is here, has been for 5 days. I love the fact that he flew out here at a moments notice because one of his kids needed him. He really is a great guy. Patrick bought him his ticket to go home last night, He will be with us until April 17th. April 17th ya’ll, that’s a month, He is staying with us for a month. Please please please do not take this post the wrong way.I DO NOT want to come across as ungrateful. I really do think it is great that he came and all, but he is already driving Patrick crazy, thus by extension making me a lil crazy as well .  I think it is a little bit sad, and a little bit funny that we are letting him get to us already. The man has nothing but good intentions and I realize that.

 Hopefully as the surgery draws nearer it will take the focus away from him just sitting around and he will feel useful. I feel bad for him because as much as he might be driving Patrick crazy, I know that he must feel kinda useless at this point. He willingly put all that he was doing on hold for Patrick/us, and now there really isn’t anything for him to do. Oh he takes walks, and reads his book, and tries to stay out of the way, but why should he feel that he needs to stay out of the way ? I hope he doesn’t feel that he is intruding because really it is not about that at all. I want him to feel welcome,I just hope he does………and I hope this is a fast month.

Pay Off

I feel terrible writing about my good news while a friend is lying in a hospital in Florida. However I promised to keep you all updated and so that is what I am going to do. When Spider gets well enough to get caught up I am sure he will be glad I did. Patrick went to Oahu on Monday . It turns out the surgery he will be having, while dangerous, will not be as bad as we have been lead to believe. Because of the freakin’ WC folks though he won’t be able to have it until March 30th.

The good news is he will not be having rods put into his neck as the Dr’s here have said would be the case. They are going to use titanium plates and screws instead. He is going to have to loose one vertebrae, but that will be replaced with one from a cadaver ( yeah, kinda gross I know, and I will have to watch him carefully for signs of another personality) ( so far I have seen at least 5 different ones).  Also the recovery time for him will be minimum, The surgeon on Oahu said if they get the surgery over with early he could leave the same day. But, most likely, he will be there at least 2 days .

This is good for 2 reasons 1) It means that I will get to go with him, and stay through the surgery. 2) I will also be able to accompany him home after his hospital stay is through. It seems as though my dilemma has solved itself.

So it would seem my dear friends that all of your thoughts, Prayers, Karma and good wishes have done their job here in our neck of the woods. However, if you have not done so already I would like you to send up some good vibes and prayers to my friend Brett in Fla. If you do not follow his blog (I don’t know why you wouldn’t he is one of the cool Fla. kids) . He is having some health issues himself and is in the hospital. So, since I know for a fact that all of your thoughts and prayers work wonders please send them his way. I am sure they will be most welcome!! And once again thanks for all all the thoughts and prayers for Patrick ! I can not tell you in words what they have meant to us both, just know they will never be forgotten .

So………. remember how I said that sometimes our house is not exactly guest ready ? OK, then remember that I said Patrick’s dad is coming to stay with us through the duration of Patrick’s surgery? Patrick leaves in the morning for his Neurological Consult thingy, luckily I have off tomorrow and Tuesday cuz guess what I am gonna be doing ? If you said reading , or going with Patrick to his consult you would be wrong. I get to make the house “guest ready”!!! I will be spending  most of my day dusting, sorting through old mail, scrubbing our tile floors and vacuuming the bedroom!! Not that I mind really, our house is not that huge. I can give it a pretty good run through in 1 afternoon, and with Patrick gone it will be even easier. Just crank up some tunes put Lola on her rope in the shade outside and go to it.

I might even go and purchase a few fresh floral bouquets to “liven” the place up a bit. Patrick loves to get flowers and he is going to have a pretty rough day. Hell,I might even break down and make him a nice dinner for after I pick him up at the airport. After all it is almost Spring( for those of you who have actual seasons) so I can get a head start on the ol’spring cleaning gig. Tuesday will be spent mowing the lawn and doing some outdoor Spring cleaning. Our  lil grass shack in ol’Hawaii will be sparkling like thetop of the Chrysler building by the time Daddio gets here on Wednesday night.

In Other News: Work is being kind of great about me taking time off to be with Patrick even if the FMLA/HMLA thing isn’t working out the way I planned. MyBosses are aware I am going to need to be gone awhile and they are being very accommodating. So much so that I will get to go and get him all settled, stay  the day of the surgery and the day or 2 after and then take as much time as I need after Patrick comes home. I have also been told that the Hospital in Oahu has a Barracks type deal for loved ones to stay in that are in our circumstances,wefind out more about that tomorrow . Of course,the days I take will have to be taken from my vacation time. But that doesn’t really bother me at all. It isn’t like we were planning a big “get away” this year anyway.So it looks like all of those good thoughts, prayers, well wishes amd mojo are paying off in big ways !!! Once again I thank you all and keep it all coming if you don’t mind to terribly . Oh and Spider you said if I need anything to ask you so……wanna come help me clean ?

…………. from our friends …. The friend in this case is Patrick’s Dad. He is coming to help me, help Patrick after the surgery. That is definitely a load off of my shoulders, except that now, I have to spend alot of time with his dad. Don’t get me wrong, I love his dad, and thankfully, his dad likes me (well at least he tolerates me). You see, Patrick is the baby of a family of 10 children, yes 10. The good thing about that is he has a gay brother and a lesbian sister that are older than he is . So when the time rolled around for him to “come out ” it was really kind of a non- issue for his parents.  Which is great, for Patrick. For reasons that I will not go into here I have a hard time dealing with fathers.Straight men in general make me feel a bit uncomfortable. I guess having a biolgical father that is a complete moron, and a stepfather that beat me alot while growing up they can be a bit off putting.  My step father and I have since made our amends and I love him like the biological father that I should have had, but the scars are still there. I totally have forgiven my stepfather, but some things are hard to forget.

However , Patrick’s dad and I get along quite well. As a mater of fact when he came to visit us in Portland we had a great time . He left one day while I was at work and when I got home there was a note for me from Patrick’s dad thanking me for my hospitality and that he would hopefully see me again sometime soon. There was no mention in the note for Patrick or his sister Nancy who was living with us at the time. Needless to say Patrick was kinda ticked off that the note was only for me .  😛

So he arrives on the 14th of March just a few days after Patrick goes for his consult and will be staying withus for an unspecified amount of time.I am sure the help will be greatly appreciated by us both. Plus, his dad is a really good cook !!!

In other news : I am a murderer!!!!! One of my Betta fish has slipped the surly bonds of earth. Violet is no more.She has swam the toilet tango. It was all  my fault too . I came home from work one day and realized that their tanks needed to be cleaned but it was one of my 12 hours days and I was just too tired to clean them. The next morning I fed then on my way out the door as I normally do,and she was fine. When I got home that night (early I might add) she was just lying at the bottom of her tank.  Where ever you are lil Violet May you R.I.P.

***** By the way I would like to thank all of you who commented on my dilemma post. As you all said to do I am going to bow to the wisdom of the Spider and go with Patrick to check him in, and now that Patrick’s dad will be here I may stay a few days . I am sure he won’t mind watching Lola for us !

Memo to the guy on the Radio

To : Annoying commercial guy

From: Irritated Listener guy

Hey! Mr. Guy who does the commercials here on Maui. I just wanted to know if anyone ever told you that, before you start a career in radio, you need to be able to enunciate properly ? I am just asking because on the commercial you do for the drug rehab place, when you begin it sounds like you ask us if Drums are a problem for me or a member of my family. I almost stopped listening to your schpeil right there, because, to my knowledge no one in my family has a problem with drums. Well OK, maybe one of my sisters might, because I used to buy my nephews loud and irritating toys. I don’t think any of them had drums though (remember the smiling monkey with the symbols ?)  I tuned back in when I heard you say Al-Anon and Narconon, because then I realized you were trying to talk about drugs not drums.

A little further into it you again asked if rugs were a problem. Yes they are, the get dirty very often and then I have to drag out the vacuum cleaner, but what does that have to do with drug rehab? I just though maybe you missed the class on enunciation , maybe you were sick that day ………..or coming down from a really wicked high from smack or coke, who knows?So let me be the one to tell you. It is very important that you speak clearly and carefully before thinking of a career in radio.Practice in the mirror(trust me it helps).

And on another note : Guy from the furniture store commercial. I think you are the same guy from the commercial a couple of months ago that had you and your “wife” searching for a timeshare here on Maui. I am on to you. If they planned it that way to be cute with you guys looking for furniture after you found your timeshare, then they have succeeded. But if not, I am onto you. Oh, and about that whole trying to sound like Tom Bosley (and not really doing a good enough job to be believable) just stop it …… now…. ‘kay?? Thanks!

***** I have listened to these commercials many times, at different volume levels. With the windows up, and with them down. Driving and parked. It is always the same, that is how I came to the conclusion it was not me, but them. I think perhaps it is a conspiracy to drive me batty. *****

How not to Blog (apparently)

Okay, so I have learned my lesson. I actually should have learned my lesson the last time I did trivia, but alas I did not. The way I know I did not is because once again I posted trivia and got no responses. That’s alright, really, after all this whole blog thing is “for me”, and I enjoyed my trivial pursuit ( pun intended).

However I have a dilemma coming up and would love to get some input from my faithful readers. As we all know Patrick has his Neurological consult on the 12th of this month.We have discussed it and Patrick thinks that I should just stay here, since he won’t even be gone for the whole day. Which I tend to agree with. But, soon after the consult, the surgery will have a date set. I have not heard back from my HR person about FMLA/HMLA taking care of me going to Oahu with Patrick or not yet, so I am assuming worse case scenario here (because we are a ‘mo couple and why should we get to do what ever other married couple gets to do?) and thinking it will not cover my absence from work. With Patrick being out of work since December 7th we do not have the funds for me to go and stay there with him for the duration of his stay. The Dr (our GP) said that Patrick would most likely only be in the hospital for 4-5 days, then come home for more recovery.

My dilemma is this; I don’t know when I should go to Oahu. Should I go on the day that he gets checked in and make sure that he will have what he needs ? Or should I wait until the day he gets discharged and fly over to pick him up and escort him safely back home? I am leaning more towards the latter, simply because of the amount of pain Patrick will still be in a mere 4-5 days after the surgery. However while discussing it last night with him, he said that he is more than comfortable telling the Drs that he needs to stay another day or two if the pain is still too bad. I want to be there for him when my support is most needed, since I can not be there for him the whole time. I think I will go later and help him come home , but maybe you guys can add something to the whole thought process I haven’t thought of yet. Please feel free to speak up and leave your opinion in the comment section. As always your thoughts, hopes, prayers and good mojo are still greatly appreciated, as well as needed, as we get closer to the end of this whole chapter(which in my humble opinion can not come soon enough).

Fun for the Whole Family !!!

I got nothing to report today, so instead of me entertaining you with one of my fascinating stories I bring to you some interesting ( okay for me maybe, but you might get bored) facts about the Hawaiian Islands.

1) The Hawaiian Archipelago consists of over 130 points of land, ranging 1,600 miles in length.

2) The Southern most point in the U.S. is on the island of Hawaii (the Big Island) known as South Point.Contrary to other reports of the southern most point being in Key West, Fla. It is this area that the first human stepped foot on the islands in appx. 500 A.D.

3) The Haleakala Volcano on Maui reaches to a height of 10,320 ft. above sea level. It is said that in the Main Crater of Haleakala you could fit the whole Island of Manhattan. Haleakala ( Holly-Ah-Ka- La) means House of the Sun in Hawaiian. The crater is over 21 miles in circumference , and is over 3,000 miles deep.

4) Hawaii has no Snakes,Seagulls,Rabies,Billboards or Daylight Savings Time. We do have Cane Spiders, Poisonous Centipedes,Scorpions,Gorgeous Sunsets and Excellent Tropical Drinks!!!

5) Writer Herman Melville held a job in Honolulu in the mid 1800’s. That was the height of the whaling years for Hawaii. He came to Hawaii to collect experiences for his future literary masterpieces.

6) The earliest Polynesians, crossed over 2,000 miles of open ocean to find Hawaii, with out the aid of navigational instruments. The Polynesian voyagers were navigating long distance runs in the Pacific almost 100 years before Columbus.

7) Hawaii is the largest consumer of Spam in the U.S. Latest estimates state that 10,000 cans of Spam are consumed everyday. (they even have it as a Mc Donald’s breakfast item).

8: The only Royal Palace on American Soil is located in Honolulu. It was built in1882 at a cost of just under $360,000.

9) The Hawaiian language has the shortest alphabet in the world. It’s 12 letters are A,E,I,O,U,H,K,L,M,N,P  and W .

10) The highest sea cliffs are on the island of Molokai. The cliffs drop over 3,000 feet from summit to shoreline.

Alrighty then, there you have them. I hope I wasn’t too boring and hey, maybe you even learned something. Stick with me kids I will take you places. 8)