I got nothing to report today, so instead of me entertaining you with one of my fascinating stories I bring to you some interesting ( okay for me maybe, but you might get bored) facts about the Hawaiian Islands.

1) The Hawaiian Archipelago consists of over 130 points of land, ranging 1,600 miles in length.

2) The Southern most point in the U.S. is on the island of Hawaii (the Big Island) known as South Point.Contrary to other reports of the southern most point being in Key West, Fla. It is this area that the first human stepped foot on the islands in appx. 500 A.D.

3) The Haleakala Volcano on Maui reaches to a height of 10,320 ft. above sea level. It is said that in the Main Crater of Haleakala you could fit the whole Island of Manhattan. Haleakala ( Holly-Ah-Ka- La) means House of the Sun in Hawaiian. The crater is over 21 miles in circumference , and is over 3,000 miles deep.

4) Hawaii has no Snakes,Seagulls,Rabies,Billboards or Daylight Savings Time. We do have Cane Spiders, Poisonous Centipedes,Scorpions,Gorgeous Sunsets and Excellent Tropical Drinks!!!

5) Writer Herman Melville held a job in Honolulu in the mid 1800’s. That was the height of the whaling years for Hawaii. He came to Hawaii to collect experiences for his future literary masterpieces.

6) The earliest Polynesians, crossed over 2,000 miles of open ocean to find Hawaii, with out the aid of navigational instruments. The Polynesian voyagers were navigating long distance runs in the Pacific almost 100 years before Columbus.

7) Hawaii is the largest consumer of Spam in the U.S. Latest estimates state that 10,000 cans of Spam are consumed everyday. (they even have it as a Mc Donald’s breakfast item).

8: The only Royal Palace on American Soil is located in Honolulu. It was built in1882 at a cost of just under $360,000.

9) The Hawaiian language has the shortest alphabet in the world. It’s 12 letters are A,E,I,O,U,H,K,L,M,N,P  and W .

10) The highest sea cliffs are on the island of Molokai. The cliffs drop over 3,000 feet from summit to shoreline.

Alrighty then, there you have them. I hope I wasn’t too boring and hey, maybe you even learned something. Stick with me kids I will take you places. 8)