Okay, so I have learned my lesson. I actually should have learned my lesson the last time I did trivia, but alas I did not. The way I know I did not is because once again I posted trivia and got no responses. That’s alright, really, after all this whole blog thing is “for me”, and I enjoyed my trivial pursuit ( pun intended).

However I have a dilemma coming up and would love to get some input from my faithful readers. As we all know Patrick has his Neurological consult on the 12th of this month.We have discussed it and Patrick thinks that I should just stay here, since he won’t even be gone for the whole day. Which I tend to agree with. But, soon after the consult, the surgery will have a date set. I have not heard back from my HR person about FMLA/HMLA taking care of me going to Oahu with Patrick or not yet, so I am assuming worse case scenario here (because we are a ‘mo couple and why should we get to do what ever other married couple gets to do?) and thinking it will not cover my absence from work. With Patrick being out of work since December 7th we do not have the funds for me to go and stay there with him for the duration of his stay. The Dr (our GP) said that Patrick would most likely only be in the hospital for 4-5 days, then come home for more recovery.

My dilemma is this; I don’t know when I should go to Oahu. Should I go on the day that he gets checked in and make sure that he will have what he needs ? Or should I wait until the day he gets discharged and fly over to pick him up and escort him safely back home? I am leaning more towards the latter, simply because of the amount of pain Patrick will still be in a mere 4-5 days after the surgery. However while discussing it last night with him, he said that he is more than comfortable telling the Drs that he needs to stay another day or two if the pain is still too bad. I want to be there for him when my support is most needed, since I can not be there for him the whole time. I think I will go later and help him come home , but maybe you guys can add something to the whole thought process I haven’t thought of yet. Please feel free to speak up and leave your opinion in the comment section. As always your thoughts, hopes, prayers and good mojo are still greatly appreciated, as well as needed, as we get closer to the end of this whole chapter(which in my humble opinion can not come soon enough).