…………. from our friends …. The friend in this case is Patrick’s Dad. He is coming to help me, help Patrick after the surgery. That is definitely a load off of my shoulders, except that now, I have to spend alot of time with his dad. Don’t get me wrong, I love his dad, and thankfully, his dad likes me (well at least he tolerates me). You see, Patrick is the baby of a family of 10 children, yes 10. The good thing about that is he has a gay brother and a lesbian sister that are older than he is . So when the time rolled around for him to “come out ” it was really kind of a non- issue for his parents.  Which is great, for Patrick. For reasons that I will not go into here I have a hard time dealing with fathers.Straight men in general make me feel a bit uncomfortable. I guess having a biolgical father that is a complete moron, and a stepfather that beat me alot while growing up they can be a bit off putting.  My step father and I have since made our amends and I love him like the biological father that I should have had, but the scars are still there. I totally have forgiven my stepfather, but some things are hard to forget.

However , Patrick’s dad and I get along quite well. As a mater of fact when he came to visit us in Portland we had a great time . He left one day while I was at work and when I got home there was a note for me from Patrick’s dad thanking me for my hospitality and that he would hopefully see me again sometime soon. There was no mention in the note for Patrick or his sister Nancy who was living with us at the time. Needless to say Patrick was kinda ticked off that the note was only for me .  😛

So he arrives on the 14th of March just a few days after Patrick goes for his consult and will be staying withus for an unspecified amount of time.I am sure the help will be greatly appreciated by us both. Plus, his dad is a really good cook !!!

In other news : I am a murderer!!!!! One of my Betta fish has slipped the surly bonds of earth. Violet is no more.She has swam the toilet tango. It was all  my fault too . I came home from work one day and realized that their tanks needed to be cleaned but it was one of my 12 hours days and I was just too tired to clean them. The next morning I fed then on my way out the door as I normally do,and she was fine. When I got home that night (early I might add) she was just lying at the bottom of her tank.  Where ever you are lil Violet May you R.I.P.

***** By the way I would like to thank all of you who commented on my dilemma post. As you all said to do I am going to bow to the wisdom of the Spider and go with Patrick to check him in, and now that Patrick’s dad will be here I may stay a few days . I am sure he won’t mind watching Lola for us !