So………. remember how I said that sometimes our house is not exactly guest ready ? OK, then remember that I said Patrick’s dad is coming to stay with us through the duration of Patrick’s surgery? Patrick leaves in the morning for his Neurological Consult thingy, luckily I have off tomorrow and Tuesday cuz guess what I am gonna be doing ? If you said reading , or going with Patrick to his consult you would be wrong. I get to make the house “guest ready”!!! I will be spending  most of my day dusting, sorting through old mail, scrubbing our tile floors and vacuuming the bedroom!! Not that I mind really, our house is not that huge. I can give it a pretty good run through in 1 afternoon, and with Patrick gone it will be even easier. Just crank up some tunes put Lola on her rope in the shade outside and go to it.

I might even go and purchase a few fresh floral bouquets to “liven” the place up a bit. Patrick loves to get flowers and he is going to have a pretty rough day. Hell,I might even break down and make him a nice dinner for after I pick him up at the airport. After all it is almost Spring( for those of you who have actual seasons) so I can get a head start on the ol’spring cleaning gig. Tuesday will be spent mowing the lawn and doing some outdoor Spring cleaning. Our  lil grass shack in ol’Hawaii will be sparkling like thetop of the Chrysler building by the time Daddio gets here on Wednesday night.

In Other News: Work is being kind of great about me taking time off to be with Patrick even if the FMLA/HMLA thing isn’t working out the way I planned. MyBosses are aware I am going to need to be gone awhile and they are being very accommodating. So much so that I will get to go and get him all settled, stay  the day of the surgery and the day or 2 after and then take as much time as I need after Patrick comes home. I have also been told that the Hospital in Oahu has a Barracks type deal for loved ones to stay in that are in our circumstances,wefind out more about that tomorrow . Of course,the days I take will have to be taken from my vacation time. But that doesn’t really bother me at all. It isn’t like we were planning a big “get away” this year anyway.So it looks like all of those good thoughts, prayers, well wishes amd mojo are paying off in big ways !!! Once again I thank you all and keep it all coming if you don’t mind to terribly . Oh and Spider you said if I need anything to ask you so……wanna come help me clean ?