I feel terrible writing about my good news while a friend is lying in a hospital in Florida. However I promised to keep you all updated and so that is what I am going to do. When Spider gets well enough to get caught up I am sure he will be glad I did. Patrick went to Oahu on Monday . It turns out the surgery he will be having, while dangerous, will not be as bad as we have been lead to believe. Because of the freakin’ WC folks though he won’t be able to have it until March 30th.

The good news is he will not be having rods put into his neck as the Dr’s here have said would be the case. They are going to use titanium plates and screws instead. He is going to have to loose one vertebrae, but that will be replaced with one from a cadaver ( yeah, kinda gross I know, and I will have to watch him carefully for signs of another personality) ( so far I have seen at least 5 different ones).  Also the recovery time for him will be minimum, The surgeon on Oahu said if they get the surgery over with early he could leave the same day. But, most likely, he will be there at least 2 days .

This is good for 2 reasons 1) It means that I will get to go with him, and stay through the surgery. 2) I will also be able to accompany him home after his hospital stay is through. It seems as though my dilemma has solved itself.

So it would seem my dear friends that all of your thoughts, Prayers, Karma and good wishes have done their job here in our neck of the woods. However, if you have not done so already I would like you to send up some good vibes and prayers to my friend Brett in Fla. If you do not follow his blog (I don’t know why you wouldn’t he is one of the cool Fla. kids) . He is having some health issues himself and is in the hospital. So, since I know for a fact that all of your thoughts and prayers work wonders please send them his way. I am sure they will be most welcome!! And once again thanks for all all the thoughts and prayers for Patrick ! I can not tell you in words what they have meant to us both, just know they will never be forgotten .