Patrick’s dad is here, has been for 5 days. I love the fact that he flew out here at a moments notice because one of his kids needed him. He really is a great guy. Patrick bought him his ticket to go home last night, He will be with us until April 17th. April 17th ya’ll, that’s a month, He is staying with us for a month. Please please please do not take this post the wrong way.I DO NOT want to come across as ungrateful. I really do think it is great that he came and all, but he is already driving Patrick crazy, thus by extension making me a lil crazy as well .  I think it is a little bit sad, and a little bit funny that we are letting him get to us already. The man has nothing but good intentions and I realize that.

 Hopefully as the surgery draws nearer it will take the focus away from him just sitting around and he will feel useful. I feel bad for him because as much as he might be driving Patrick crazy, I know that he must feel kinda useless at this point. He willingly put all that he was doing on hold for Patrick/us, and now there really isn’t anything for him to do. Oh he takes walks, and reads his book, and tries to stay out of the way, but why should he feel that he needs to stay out of the way ? I hope he doesn’t feel that he is intruding because really it is not about that at all. I want him to feel welcome,I just hope he does………and I hope this is a fast month.