As I started to write this post,I thought about not doing it . It seems that the only thing I write about anymore is Patrick and his impending surgery. It makes sense I suppose, it is pretty much all I think about these days. It makes sense because I can’t even ask Patrick how he is anymore with out him not wanting to tell me because he is in so much pain.  

 Today we found out from his surgeon that WC is still hemming and hawing about even oking the surgery. A surgery that is supposed to be preformed next Friday. They want to talk to his surgeon about seeing if it can be fixed with physical therapy. Now, here is where the title of this post comes into play. We are going to play a little game. I invite you to play along, if you will.

Step one- Raise the index finger of your right hand  straight up in the air, like you are pointing at the ceiling. Now imagine that is your spinal column.

Step two- Now take the index finger of your left hand,kind of at an angle, put it on the inside of your right index finger right at the crease where your first joint bends. 

Step three- Exert pressure with your left index finger until your right one starts to bend at the first knuckle.

Got it ??? Good! Now the right finger as I have mentioned is a(patrick’s) spinal column. The left finger at the crease is the vertebrae that is increasingly exerting pressure onto said spinal column. This is the picture that Patrick’s MRI paints for all to see. As a mater of fact when P went to his consult, the surgeon asked him if he could see where the problem was. Of course, he pointed it out with out a problem. Three, yes I said three, M.D.’s have looked at this MRI. All three of them have come up with the same conclusion, surgery must be preformed ASAP.

Now imagine you are some stupid ingorant fool who works for the Workman’s Compensation Dept. And as that person tell me WHAT RIGHT do you have to postpone any longer a surgery that should have been performed months ago. There is a PERSON behind that claim number you F*&*^ing idiot. That person is at times in so much pain he does not sleep one wink all night. And yet you see fit to drag this thing out since December 7th. 2006. Why?? So you can try to get out of paying money to get him the relief he needs. You have THE NERVE to suggest Physical therapy to try and help the body correct itself. Do you UNDERSTAND that 1 DR. and 2 surgeons have stressed to him not even to be in a moving vehicle unless it was extremely important. Yet you want him to “fix it ” with physical therapy. Do you, OH reader of claims and sitter behind desks, have a degree in medicine?? Do you even have a clue what the F&*^ you are talking about? Indeed do you know your ASS from your ELBOW? I think not. What I do think is that it is time to STEP UP and do your job. Help the poor guy out who was hurt AT WORK, WHILE DOING HIS JOB. I have had it up to here ( Imagine me with my hand at least 1 foot above my head) with your inadequacies and your trying to prove he didn’t do it at work. I am frustrated to the point of NO RETURN with a F&*^%ing group of people who have not 1 iota of medical expertise telling my husband what needs to be done, when several people with medical degrees have said that you are the ones who are in the wrong.

 Both surgeons have stated they “couldn’t believe they hadn’t oked this” and that was months ago. It is time to get off your fat LAZY ASSES AND do something. Do what you need to do to  get Patrick some F&(*^ing relief. I am helpless to do any more than I already have for him. Yes I can be/have been there for him when he hurts but that is not what he needs. He needs you to do your job. Oh yeah and to remember behind each and every report that comes across your overly used and worn out desks, there is a person. A person in pain. A person that needs your help.

**** I apologise for the rant , and the number of Caps used . I am simply FED UP****