This is not a post to let you know that someone I care for has been beaten. In an attempt to bring back some life to this ol’blog o’mine I am going  to regale you with a story I should have posted last summer. 

If you are a long time reader of mine (or if you have perused the archives) you will know that last June Patrick and I went to Orlando to visit with “The Mouse”. Patrick had been there a couple of times, however June was my first foray into the world of all things mouse. Unlike some other Orlandoites (Orlandians ?) I love all things Disney. Perhaps it is because I have not lived in Orlando, thus I have not seen the dark underbelly of the Mouse. I am like a kid in an Amusement Park, always have been, and hopefully always will be. Patrick even said that watching me in the parks made him fall in love with me all over again (I know how cute right?).

Even more important to me then just Disney, are the characters of Winnie the Pooh. I love Roo,Piglet,Owl and even that lil ole bear all stuffed with fluff. More than any of these I love tigger ( tee eye double guh rrr) he is the ultimate Disney character to me. Some of my closest friends even say I resemble him at times, I think it’s just because I have large ears and kinda big cheek bones. Oh yeah , and because I am not to graceful (read clumsy).

(Although as an aside I will say I don’t go overboard with my Tigger paraphenalia. I have one shirt, one pin, one stuffed tigger,a magnet, a coffee mug and a key chain. I looked for a Tigger baseball cap but could not find one to save my life, but I digress….)

 Back to Patrick loving me even more in the Parks. Until, I believe, it was night three of searching for Tigger. I think that is when the love turned to shocked and appalled. You see my readers that was the night that I did something so horrible, that I can barely believe I did it. Yes, I was the assaulter, I was the batterer. I assaulted Eeyore. Those of you who have lost all respect for me can leave quietly through the back door please, I don’t blame you.

It was not at all a premeditated assault, by any means. There we were walking through one of the “lands”, we rounded a corner and there they were in all their stuffed glory. Pooh and Eeyore were shambling their way towards us as best they could, burdened with all that stuffing. The next thing I know I was pulling on Eeyore’s arm asking , no yelling, “Where is Tigger ? Where is Tigger? Can we get your picture”? I may have “accidentally” pushed him a time or two as well. Amazingly his tail did not fall off once while I was accosting him. I am not sure, but Patrick said I even squeezed the loveable old donkey’s nose. Luckily, I came to my senses when I noticed the rather large security guy staring at me with daggers in his eyes. I withdrew and Eeyore and Pooh went “backstage”. Patrick and I were once again alone on the street in the middle of some “land”. He gave me a look that was a mixture of disdain and amusement and said ” I can not believe you just assaulted Eeyore.” Then he took off, as if not to be associated with me.

” I am sorry ” I yelled, as I ran to catch up to him.

Needless to say,the next day, when we actually did find Tigger, I barely contained my excitement. I did it though. When it was my turn to talk to him I just hugged him and told him he was my Favorite. Character. Ever. Then I got my picture taken with him. Three times.