………….Surgeons does WC have to hear from before they actually do something? I know sounds like a joke right ? Like how many surgeons does it take to get  a WC person to change a light bulb. Well sadly enough in our case it is no joke. As I have mentioned before Patrick has seen 3 different surgeons, plus he has even spoken to our regular Dr. who is an Internal Medicine Dr. as well as a surgeon. So that equals 4 right? Then it must take 5 or more with a general consensus of surgery being needed. Because, yup, that’s right, the surgery has been denied until they can get ANOTHER IME (Independent Medical Exam) in MAY………yeah I said MAY. That will mean ladies and gents that the surgery may not happen until July because it takes a IME Dr about 6-8 weeks to write his report.That will be 8 months after the accident took place. 8 months of an individual being in pain who shouldn’t have to be.The Lawyer has sent 2 appeals to the WC folk trying to get one sooner but the appeals have both been turned down.

And you want to know the whole irony of the situation? Of course you do. There was an IME scheduled to take place before we hired the lawyer. When Patrick told the Lawyer about the IME he was ADAMANT that Patrick not go to it. So now we have another slowdown (read full stop) that was most likely, in effect caused by the lawyer. And so it goes…..and goes ….and goes. We even asked the lawyer what would happen if we just got rid of the whole WC aspect and used our regular insurance. Since it has been deemed a WC case our regular insurance will not touch it. Wheels with-in wheels. And here is the best part of all . The other morning when Patrick was in the shower, he reached up to adjust the shower head and his whole body went numb and he kinda had a little tumble. So I find it safe to say the problem is not getting any better, it is only getting worse. I,we, are emotionally and physically drained by all of this crap , although I suppose it is wearing a bit harder on Patrick since he is the one with all the freaking pain.

 On a better note our regular GP is being awesome he has called the WC surgeon twice that I know of and read him the freaking riot act. Patrick could actually hear him screaming at him from the next room at his last appointment.We will see what good it does though, most likely nothing but it is good to see that someone is on our side. Once again I am sorry for the sad and defeated quality of this post . It feels as though we are bashing our heads against a rock. I am out of ideas and almost out of hope for any kind of speedy closure to our saga. Patrick is holding on there and being as good as can be expected, but I know how miserable he is, and the knowing makes it that much worse.