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And We are Off…..

We leave for Oahu tomorrow around 12 noon. The Hospital on Oahu has barracks for people to stay in that are there from a neighboring islands to be close to their loved ones.We are staying there Monday night, and Tuesday night of course. We should be back on Maui, if all goes well, sometime on Wednesday evening. Patrick needs to be checked into the Hospital @ 5:30 A.M.  Tuesday, with surgery scheduled at 6:30 A.M. If we needed your thoughts, prayers, mojo and karma up until this point, please spare a bit more and send it our way Tuesday morning. As soon as we are home and Patrick is comfy cozy I will post an update again, most likely Thursday or Friday. Once again thanks for the outpouring of love and good wishes, we will catch ya’ll on the flip side !!

P.S.   No word on Patrick’s car yet, hopefully by the time we get back we will have heard something.


There seems to be a rash of kicking people when they are down. First we have the whole ordeal of what Brett just went through. Now, just a few minutes ago Patrick just called me in a panic. He asked me where his car was. Apparently it was not at the bottom of our driveway like it was at 11 o’clock when I left for work. Now, it is no big loss really, its an older car that we haven’t used in a while. The expiration tag and safety check are both expired (which is the major reason we haven’t used it recently)( that plus Patrick has not been driving himself around which is why it lapsed.)

 I am not one to point fingers, however I find it odd that a “friend” of ours with a pretty bad drug problem, was just over the other day and they were asking if the green car in the yard worked. We told them yes it does work but it has no safety check or new tag. When Patrick left to go to the store today he noticed that the key was not on his key ring ( the store is right at the end of our block, no he wasn’t going to drive it.) This person is also really well known to Lola so if they had come into the house to find P’s keys, Lola would not have freaked out.

The only real concern I have is it’s registered in my name,as well as Patrick’s. Patrick is making the appropriate calls now as I am still stuck at work. It just really sucks that a person that we have offered help to, on many occasions would stoop to this level. Again don’t get me wrong I am not accusing this person, but I can add 2+2 pretty freakin well. On an up note I can tell you this is the first time I have been this close to a stolen car episode. A couple of years ago someone went through our condo’s parking lot spraying arbitrary cars with acid, and yes of course they got mine. This however is taking it to a whole new level. Even though we never drive it I still feel kinda violated. Just what we need right before we leave for P’s surgery. Any way ….I guess this goes just one more step in convincing me that all people are not basically good and kind as I once thought. How I am laughing at that guy now .

Dreams and Realities

As I have mentioned before somewhere on here,Patrick sleep talks, many times my mornings getting ready for work are very humorous. Take the other morning for example.

As my alarm was going off, Patrick stirred as I got out of bed .

“What’s going?” on he asked me still asleep.

“I am getting up to get ready for work.” I replied.

He frowned deeply causing his brow to furrow and said very frustrated,”Well I can not do the whistle thing with just one hand.”

That’s when I knew he was still asleep and made my exit gracefully (I may or may not have rolled my eyes) from the room .

Then this morning he was already awake when I got up and was sitting on the couch.

“Why you up so early? ” I asked .

“I had a really strange dream that I was in an astronaut competition , and I won first place so I came out to get my prize” was his reply. What he didn’t tell me until later was that this happened at like 3 A.M. when he got up to pee. Apparently the prize was an ice cream bar, because he found the wrapper in the garbage later on when I got up. He asked me if I had eaten it before bed . I told him no,then he replied “I must have eaten it as my astronaut prize.” When I got to work today I couldn’t wait to tell someone this story. Luckily, I ran into my friend Bonnie on the way to my office. I related to her the whole scoop. She laughed for a minute then stopped and looked at me .

“Wait a minute, does he take sleeping pills?” she asked me.

I told her that he had started to take Lunesta because of his neck pain. She then told me about this story, which I found rather amusing. Until I thought about it some more, it is not amusing in the least it is just downright freaky and really really dangerous. I am tempted to start hiding my keys before bed at night. Patrick can eat 10 ice cream sandwiches in his sleep if he wants, but he is not getting behind a wheel .

Patrick And I will be leaving next Monday for Oahu. I can not tell you the sense of relief that has flooded our home,knowing that in 1 week Patrick will be fixed.

 Strangely enough it was all brought about by a WC Dr. (Dr. Marshall), now these are the guys that don't want to spend a dime unless they have proven and reproven that that dime needs to be spent. He was on the phone with the adjuster , her supervisor and then the director of the insurance company for about three hours, trying to get them to see the issue here. His nurse overheard (and later told Patrick ) that he was saying "what if this was your brother,son or spouse, knowing that three surgeons have said this surgery needs to have been done months ago. Would you continue to let this go on?"

Apparently, the answer was no because Patrick's surgery has now been upgraded to emergency surgery,meaning it needs to happen ASAP. In this case ASAP is next Tuesday. The surgeon has assured Patrick that the minute the surgery is completed 80% of his pain will be gone. Again I can not thank you guys enough for all of your interest, good thoughts,good karma,wishes and prayers that have gone up in Patrick's behalf. They are appreciated more than you guys will ever know and remembered long after this blog has turned to dust. I will try to update again before we leave. If not I will have time after we return because work is giving me time off to take care of my love. Again thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

And the Angels Sang………

……Hallelujah. UPDATE UPDATE  UPDATE  I am not going to say too much because I don’t want to jinx anything. Apparently the new asshole that Dr. Marshall (WC DR) chewed for Kathy Winchester (evil WC adjuster) must work better than her brain. Patrick just got a call from Dr. Marshall’s nurse. The good Dr talked to(screamed and yelled for about a half of an hour the nurse told Patrick) both Kathy AND her supervisor. Patrick now has a VERBAL COMMITMENT TO GO AHEAD WITH THE SURGERY. We will not know more until Monday to see when the Dr. on Oahu can fit him in. I could tell that Patrick was close to tears as he related this news to me, the relief in his voice was palpable. Keep your fingers crossed. I will update again on Monday as soon as we hear.

Sheesh!!!!! I haven’t posted anything new on here in awhile, got kinda bogged down with taking care of P and work. Speaking of work this last week has been a freakin doozy. 797 people, breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day for 7 days. I would not be lying if I said I never wanted to have that happen again! However they were nice folks, they actually bought us all kinds of ice cream bars and put them in the employee cafeteria for us to munch on after we killed ourselves serving them . If any of you have Melona bars in your area I urge you to try one if you have not done so. Creamy Melony bits of heaven on a stick I tell you. Rest assured I ate my share ( most likely someone else’s share as well).

Lets see..lets see…..  what else is new…….. Patrick’s dad is gone he left last week, after yet another trip to Costco, I swear we could not fit an Andes Mint in our freezer right now. The only problem ( if you can even call it a problem) is that realistically Patrick and I are only together for dinner two nights a week. If we actually only cook the “real food” on those two nights we will still have enough to last at least 4 months. I sense a few dinner parties being thrown in the near future.

Patrick is still the same, miserable and in pain. He has had a few Dr’s visits but nothing really new to report. The WC Dr.  is trying very hard to  be of some help for us. He actually called the adjuster again today and told her how he felt about the way they are treating him. Using words like “unethical” and “immoral”. Basically he “chewed her a new one” as they say, and told her if something isn’t done soon he will be calling her supervisor. At this point I am kinda leery of any good coming out of it but we shall see. I am thinking of writing a “Letter to the Editor” in the Maui Times about the serious inability of these people at the WC to figure out what is going on around them. That might help me blow off some steam but will do P no good I am sure.

And in other news: I was saddened a bit last week when I learned of a dear blogger that was forced to close up shop due to a complete insensitive moron who couldn’t help but kick a man when he was down. All of my good thoughts are headed to Fla. where Brett was forced to delete his blog. If you never read him you really missed out on a great blog ,as well as missed out on getting to know a great guy. Brett, if you are still reading blogs here’s to you !! I would link to him but since it was deleted it would do no good .

A good friend of P and mine is visiting this week ( which is when one of the aforementioned dinner parties will take place).We are going to do a beach day and then cook a pot roast, to celebrate the fact that he is here and that Monday will be my first day off in 9 days !!!! Nothing like hitting the beach after 9 days of working my butt off.

On the subject of beaches I find it very sad to say that even living here on an island I donot use the beach enough. It has been at least 2 months since my bare toes have stepped on a sandy shore. Monday will most likely be a soothing balm to my weary soul. Anyway that’s about all that I have to report. Hopefully this week I will be able to get caught up on your sites and see what has been goin’ on! I hope you all are well.

Believe It or Not

 Just 2 visits to the physical therapist and he does not want to see Patrick again. He says there is nothing he can do for him, and that he is considerably weaker on his left side. Patrick’s WC Dr. Dr Marshall even called the WC and told them that what they were doing to Patrick was “cruel and inhumane punishment”. To make some one wait this long for what all of the Medical people know should be surgery ASAP. The WC lady (Kathy Winchester) ( now we have a name for the evil one), asked the PT guy if they could just work on upper body strength. The PT guy asked her “What are we doing here just biding our time until the IME in May?” KW replied, “That is what we are doing.”

So, there you have it they are just waiting ……..killing time, as it were, until May. In the mean time I have a guy who is in so much pain on a daily basis that he hasn’t slept for the past 2 nights. Dr. Marshall has also told Patrick to bring all of this to his lawyer’s attention. I don’t know what good that will do, since it is his lawyer that made him miss the IME in the first place. But maybe now that even the PT people don’t want to touch him, we might be able to get the IME pushed forwards. I really don’t know what more to do or say to get this ball rolling. As far as KW is concerned, I think there should be someone above her that might be able to read a report better or something but I guess not. And so here we sit,waiting……..

Is all of this shit realy happening …maybe I am in a coma and this is all a bad dream..or maybe not.

Panda Porn ???

 Yes, you read correctly. I wrote/typed Panda Porn, but please notice the question marks behind the phrase, and allow me to explain. The other night I was at my physical therapist (pain in my back and still working out some kinks with my broken knee) ( Yes indeed Patrick and I are messes). But I digress….

As she was working on my lower back we were talking about this and that. She is actually a friend of ours now . We met back during my broken knee cap fiasco. We do dinners every now and again and try to hang out when we can. So, as she was doing her magic on my back she was like “Oh my god have you heard about the Pandas?” I, having no clue as to what she was talking about, replied in the negative. She then related this story to me, the details are kind of sketchy.

Apparently, on her way to somewhere she was listening to a news broadcast (or maybe she saw it on TV) She said it was somewhere in China ( and why would she lie) that they had 2 Pandas in captivity that they were trying to breed. The girl Panda was new to captivity but the boy had been raised there. So far they had not had a successful coupling, the girl was willing but the guy just wasn’t into it. So they then pulled together some of the top scientists. They decided that it was most likely because the guy was raised in captivity and did not have a parent to teach him the “birds and bees” so to speak. So they rigged up a monitor in the guy Panda’s cage . Guess what it was showing? Yup, you guessed it “Pandas Gone Wild” . Several different montages of Pandas in the wild going at it. Their hope was that if he watched enough of this “Panda Porn” he would either get so desperate he would learn how to do it , or the video would have some real instructional merit. I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face for about 30 minutes. I have not yet heard of an outcome, or if the boy Panda learned anything useful. I also do not have a link to the video, so don’t bother asking me for it .

Who Rocks the House??

You guys do that’s who. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have the avenue to vent, at a time when I need to more than most. I keep apologizing for bummer or downer posts and, you guys tell me there is no need to apologize. That you all want to know what is going on, and from those of you who have said that, I really do believe you ! And I Thank you for being there through this whole ordeal. Right now we are at a stand still, Patrick will be going to P.T. starting next Tuesday . Hopefully he will not be doing it too long.

Last Friday on my way to work I had a minor meltdown in my car weeping and gnashing of teeth. I was pretty messed up(even for me) and had to pull over. It wasn’t ’til after I pulled over that I realized the date, March 30, was to have been P’s surgery date. Then I understood the breakdown, although I was nervous for a minute. Having the father-in-law here has become a bit of a blessing. He has helped us get caught up on some bills,that due to the WC messing up Patrick’s pay rate, had become a bit in arrears. He has even taken us to Costco twice without accepting a penny from us (not that we haven’t tried to pay because we have). I guess it just his way of trying to be useful, and said he wants to go back one more time before he leaves so we have a cushion of stuff to get by on. We are trying to dissuade him, but we will see how things go.

Other than that there is not much of anything to report. Work has been rather boring,and will be most likely ’til after Easter. I really just haven’t had a whole lot to impart to you all, all this WC crap is consuming our lives at this point, and I refuse to have sappy mopey posts all the time. Anyway I just wanted to Thank You all very much for helping me (and Patrick) to maintain what little sanity we have left. In a world where all seems dark, you shine out like diamonds.