You guys do that’s who. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have the avenue to vent, at a time when I need to more than most. I keep apologizing for bummer or downer posts and, you guys tell me there is no need to apologize. That you all want to know what is going on, and from those of you who have said that, I really do believe you ! And I Thank you for being there through this whole ordeal. Right now we are at a stand still, Patrick will be going to P.T. starting next Tuesday . Hopefully he will not be doing it too long.

Last Friday on my way to work I had a minor meltdown in my car weeping and gnashing of teeth. I was pretty messed up(even for me) and had to pull over. It wasn’t ’til after I pulled over that I realized the date, March 30, was to have been P’s surgery date. Then I understood the breakdown, although I was nervous for a minute. Having the father-in-law here has become a bit of a blessing. He has helped us get caught up on some bills,that due to the WC messing up Patrick’s pay rate, had become a bit in arrears. He has even taken us to Costco twice without accepting a penny from us (not that we haven’t tried to pay because we have). I guess it just his way of trying to be useful, and said he wants to go back one more time before he leaves so we have a cushion of stuff to get by on. We are trying to dissuade him, but we will see how things go.

Other than that there is not much of anything to report. Work has been rather boring,and will be most likely ’til after Easter. I really just haven’t had a whole lot to impart to you all, all this WC crap is consuming our lives at this point, and I refuse to have sappy mopey posts all the time. Anyway I just wanted to Thank You all very much for helping me (and Patrick) to maintain what little sanity we have left. In a world where all seems dark, you shine out like diamonds.