Just 2 visits to the physical therapist and he does not want to see Patrick again. He says there is nothing he can do for him, and that he is considerably weaker on his left side. Patrick’s WC Dr. Dr Marshall even called the WC and told them that what they were doing to Patrick was “cruel and inhumane punishment”. To make some one wait this long for what all of the Medical people know should be surgery ASAP. The WC lady (Kathy Winchester) ( now we have a name for the evil one), asked the PT guy if they could just work on upper body strength. The PT guy asked her “What are we doing here just biding our time until the IME in May?” KW replied, “That is what we are doing.”

So, there you have it they are just waiting ……..killing time, as it were, until May. In the mean time I have a guy who is in so much pain on a daily basis that he hasn’t slept for the past 2 nights. Dr. Marshall has also told Patrick to bring all of this to his lawyer’s attention. I don’t know what good that will do, since it is his lawyer that made him miss the IME in the first place. But maybe now that even the PT people don’t want to touch him, we might be able to get the IME pushed forwards. I really don’t know what more to do or say to get this ball rolling. As far as KW is concerned, I think there should be someone above her that might be able to read a report better or something but I guess not. And so here we sit,waiting……..

Is all of this shit realy happening …maybe I am in a coma and this is all a bad dream..or maybe not.