Sheesh!!!!! I haven’t posted anything new on here in awhile, got kinda bogged down with taking care of P and work. Speaking of work this last week has been a freakin doozy. 797 people, breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day for 7 days. I would not be lying if I said I never wanted to have that happen again! However they were nice folks, they actually bought us all kinds of ice cream bars and put them in the employee cafeteria for us to munch on after we killed ourselves serving them . If any of you have Melona bars in your area I urge you to try one if you have not done so. Creamy Melony bits of heaven on a stick I tell you. Rest assured I ate my share ( most likely someone else’s share as well).

Lets see..lets see…..  what else is new…….. Patrick’s dad is gone he left last week, after yet another trip to Costco, I swear we could not fit an Andes Mint in our freezer right now. The only problem ( if you can even call it a problem) is that realistically Patrick and I are only together for dinner two nights a week. If we actually only cook the “real food” on those two nights we will still have enough to last at least 4 months. I sense a few dinner parties being thrown in the near future.

Patrick is still the same, miserable and in pain. He has had a few Dr’s visits but nothing really new to report. The WC Dr.  is trying very hard to  be of some help for us. He actually called the adjuster again today and told her how he felt about the way they are treating him. Using words like “unethical” and “immoral”. Basically he “chewed her a new one” as they say, and told her if something isn’t done soon he will be calling her supervisor. At this point I am kinda leery of any good coming out of it but we shall see. I am thinking of writing a “Letter to the Editor” in the Maui Times about the serious inability of these people at the WC to figure out what is going on around them. That might help me blow off some steam but will do P no good I am sure.

And in other news: I was saddened a bit last week when I learned of a dear blogger that was forced to close up shop due to a complete insensitive moron who couldn’t help but kick a man when he was down. All of my good thoughts are headed to Fla. where Brett was forced to delete his blog. If you never read him you really missed out on a great blog ,as well as missed out on getting to know a great guy. Brett, if you are still reading blogs here’s to you !! I would link to him but since it was deleted it would do no good .

A good friend of P and mine is visiting this week ( which is when one of the aforementioned dinner parties will take place).We are going to do a beach day and then cook a pot roast, to celebrate the fact that he is here and that Monday will be my first day off in 9 days !!!! Nothing like hitting the beach after 9 days of working my butt off.

On the subject of beaches I find it very sad to say that even living here on an island I donot use the beach enough. It has been at least 2 months since my bare toes have stepped on a sandy shore. Monday will most likely be a soothing balm to my weary soul. Anyway that’s about all that I have to report. Hopefully this week I will be able to get caught up on your sites and see what has been goin’ on! I hope you all are well.