Patrick And I will be leaving next Monday for Oahu. I can not tell you the sense of relief that has flooded our home,knowing that in 1 week Patrick will be fixed.

 Strangely enough it was all brought about by a WC Dr. (Dr. Marshall), now these are the guys that don't want to spend a dime unless they have proven and reproven that that dime needs to be spent. He was on the phone with the adjuster , her supervisor and then the director of the insurance company for about three hours, trying to get them to see the issue here. His nurse overheard (and later told Patrick ) that he was saying "what if this was your brother,son or spouse, knowing that three surgeons have said this surgery needs to have been done months ago. Would you continue to let this go on?"

Apparently, the answer was no because Patrick's surgery has now been upgraded to emergency surgery,meaning it needs to happen ASAP. In this case ASAP is next Tuesday. The surgeon has assured Patrick that the minute the surgery is completed 80% of his pain will be gone. Again I can not thank you guys enough for all of your interest, good thoughts,good karma,wishes and prayers that have gone up in Patrick's behalf. They are appreciated more than you guys will ever know and remembered long after this blog has turned to dust. I will try to update again before we leave. If not I will have time after we return because work is giving me time off to take care of my love. Again thank you all from the bottom of my heart.