As I have mentioned before somewhere on here,Patrick sleep talks, many times my mornings getting ready for work are very humorous. Take the other morning for example.

As my alarm was going off, Patrick stirred as I got out of bed .

“What’s going?” on he asked me still asleep.

“I am getting up to get ready for work.” I replied.

He frowned deeply causing his brow to furrow and said very frustrated,”Well I can not do the whistle thing with just one hand.”

That’s when I knew he was still asleep and made my exit gracefully (I may or may not have rolled my eyes) from the room .

Then this morning he was already awake when I got up and was sitting on the couch.

“Why you up so early? ” I asked .

“I had a really strange dream that I was in an astronaut competition , and I won first place so I came out to get my prize” was his reply. What he didn’t tell me until later was that this happened at like 3 A.M. when he got up to pee. Apparently the prize was an ice cream bar, because he found the wrapper in the garbage later on when I got up. He asked me if I had eaten it before bed . I told him no,then he replied “I must have eaten it as my astronaut prize.” When I got to work today I couldn’t wait to tell someone this story. Luckily, I ran into my friend Bonnie on the way to my office. I related to her the whole scoop. She laughed for a minute then stopped and looked at me .

“Wait a minute, does he take sleeping pills?” she asked me.

I told her that he had started to take Lunesta because of his neck pain. She then told me about this story, which I found rather amusing. Until I thought about it some more, it is not amusing in the least it is just downright freaky and really really dangerous. I am tempted to start hiding my keys before bed at night. Patrick can eat 10 ice cream sandwiches in his sleep if he wants, but he is not getting behind a wheel .