There seems to be a rash of kicking people when they are down. First we have the whole ordeal of what Brett just went through. Now, just a few minutes ago Patrick just called me in a panic. He asked me where his car was. Apparently it was not at the bottom of our driveway like it was at 11 o’clock when I left for work. Now, it is no big loss really, its an older car that we haven’t used in a while. The expiration tag and safety check are both expired (which is the major reason we haven’t used it recently)( that plus Patrick has not been driving himself around which is why it lapsed.)

 I am not one to point fingers, however I find it odd that a “friend” of ours with a pretty bad drug problem, was just over the other day and they were asking if the green car in the yard worked. We told them yes it does work but it has no safety check or new tag. When Patrick left to go to the store today he noticed that the key was not on his key ring ( the store is right at the end of our block, no he wasn’t going to drive it.) This person is also really well known to Lola so if they had come into the house to find P’s keys, Lola would not have freaked out.

The only real concern I have is it’s registered in my name,as well as Patrick’s. Patrick is making the appropriate calls now as I am still stuck at work. It just really sucks that a person that we have offered help to, on many occasions would stoop to this level. Again don’t get me wrong I am not accusing this person, but I can add 2+2 pretty freakin well. On an up note I can tell you this is the first time I have been this close to a stolen car episode. A couple of years ago someone went through our condo’s parking lot spraying arbitrary cars with acid, and yes of course they got mine. This however is taking it to a whole new level. Even though we never drive it I still feel kinda violated. Just what we need right before we leave for P’s surgery. Any way ….I guess this goes just one more step in convincing me that all people are not basically good and kind as I once thought. How I am laughing at that guy now .