We have made it back home. After 3 hours in surgery and 10 hours in the recovery room I finally got to see my love. He had to stay in the recovery room longer,it seems that his right arm did get paralyzed, but only temporarily. The Dr. thinks it had something to do with the swelling around his spinal cord after the surgery.

He is still having some discomfort of course, but things look like they are right on track. We actually stayed in the hospital over night on Tuesday. His Dr. wanted him to stay on Wednesday as well, but he was so miserable that he decided to leave. We got home on Wednesday around 4 p.m. . The flight home was pretty much miserable for him because we (naturally) had the most turbulent flights I have ever had. Lola almost jumped out of her skin when we got home she ws so excited to see us, it was quite cute. It's awesome to be missed that much. Anyway I just wanted to update everyone. I do have some stories to tell about the whole excursion. Want to hear about a morphine filled Patrick wandering the halls in nothing but his lil dressing gown? Well then stay tuned. 🙂