Patrick went into the hospital on Tuesday as planned, what was not planned ( yet secretly hoped for) was his overnight stay. His surgery was begun at 7:30a.m.  and he was done by 10 a.m. his time in the recovery room however was a bit longer. He did not get up to his room until 8:30 that night.Due to a few issues going on they decided to keep him in recovery a bit longer ( he was temporarily paralyzed on his right side). By the time he was brought up to his room, he was doing fairly ok. Well enough that he wanted to go outside and get some fresh air ( he had been lying down in his bed since 5:30 that morning).

Around 10 p.m the nurse came in to give him his shot of morphine for the pain. He still kept insisting on going outside. I decided to grant him his wish and ordered a wheelchair, in which I was going to take him outside for a bit. After the wheelchair got to the room I told him to wait while I went to the bathroom. I did my “bidness” and came out to an empty room. No Patrick, just his bed, my cot and a wheelchair. Since I knew he was not in the bathroom, I began to panic, after all he had just had a shot of morphine. I ran down to the nurses station and asked the very helpful( and if you can’t smell the sarcasm from where you are there is something wrong with you) nurse if he had seen Patrick. He mumbled something to the effect of ” mnbxxnkihdsd that way dkjoxyvebj you might shjhgda gnhvdi nkkhsiyatd the elevator area.” And so I ran down to the elevator area hoping to see Patrick further down the hall. At this time I was really kinda freaking out. The hospital we were at is a huge many towered affair each with 10 floors. I waited outside of the elevator bay for a bit hoping he would come back up. I thought about going down to the lobby, but if he was on his way up we would miss each other. So, I ran around our floor checking in all the public restrooms.  I asked a couple of other nurses if they had seen a patient wandering around. They all replied in the negative. About 30 minutes passed with no sign of P, I had even rechecked in the room to see if he had come back on his own, he had not.

“Alright” I said to myself , “time to check down stairs”. I found my way to the elevators again and headed to the lobby. As I got to the ground floor I ran towards the main  lobby , and as I turned the corner to get to the door, I looked out to see Patrick and 2 security guards deep in conversation. Patrick had broken out. Literally, he broke the sliding glass panel door and was just walking around. I went out to get Patrick and bring him back to the room. When I got close enough to hear what was being said I realized the guards were being kinda rude, going on about Patrick ” breaking the door” ( it wasn’t really broken, it was working fine the next day). I calmly collected Patrick from the guards ignoring them completely, and got him back upstairs into bed, where he instantly began snoring. I looked up at the clock as he began to snore, his whole  “stroll” had taken about an hour and 30 minutes. And in his defense there was a big sign on the door that read ” Push in the case of an emergency”. I just didn’t realize how much of an emergency his “stroll” actually was, and I suppose the security guards didn’t either.