Okay ..well not really Maui, but the cane field across the street from our house was. This morning,at 5 am,while I only had one more hour to sleep before getting ready for work, I was awakened by a very loud noise. I hate being awakened right before I have to get up, I don’t mind waking up at like 1 a.m. or 2, because then I know I will get more sleep. But being awakened at 5 when I have to get up at 6 is just nasty.  Actually I was awakened by Patrick who was startled by the loud noise. The noise itself was kinda hard to explain, sort of a mixture of popcorn popping and the crackle of a fire in a fireplace only much noisier. We pulled open the shutter and drew back the sash (not really our blinds were already opened,all we had to do was look out the window). It was really sort of beautiful to see. The dawn had just started, but all we could see was the bright orange flames licking the sky, and a huge white cloud of smoke that was quite heavy and billowing.

 We got up and threw on some shorts and went to watch it from the lanai/carport. However (and quite sadly) like most things beautiful are wont to do, it faded fairly quickly and we were just left with the smoke. Oh and cane spiders……they might not have arrived right away, but I am sure they are there now. At my house..with their 8 lil hairy stick legs sprawled out on our lawn chairs and accessories, trying to figure out how to get inside. I need to stop at Wal Mart on the way home and get some spray I guess. Patrick took a few pictures with his phone. I am going to get him to send them to my email and when he does I will post them. However I will not guarantee their quality(being as they are coming from a cell phone). I hope that at least one of them is worthy of your perusal because like I said it really was pretty. Perhaps a little less so since it happened an hour before I had to get up ( I kid).