Gather round everyone it’s story time. What story, You may ask? I will tell you. This is the story of two guys and their dog, how certain things transpired and what became of them after the transformation. Everybody comfy cozy? Okay then lets begin.

As I have mentioned already: Once upon a time there were two guys, who met, fell in love and decided to move in together (not quite as fast as the girls who like girls do, but almost as fast) ( no U-hauls are involved in the telling of this story). During their search for an apartment, they came upon a place that was very dog friendly and so after signing all appropriate paperwork the guys found themselves on the way to the pound. That is where Lola Elizabeth Moorlach met her two daddies. Lola was the name the humane society had given her, which, the two guys thought was way too cute to change. Elizabeth was the great lady at the humane society that helped the two guys and Moorlach just happens to be a combination of the guys last names….. but I digress.

Those first few months were the halcyon days of the relationships, both of which were relatively new ( the two daddies, as well as the two daddies and a dog). Days together were spent hiking, taking Lola for walks, buying her “babies” and just being proud new parents of a gorgeous new addition. When, after a hard day of work, the two daddies would come home they would cook dinner together ( in a kitchen that was way too small for two).  Then they would sit down and eat. Lola, paying no particular attention to what the two guys were doing, would be either in the bedroom or living room blissfully playing with one of her new ” babies”.

Until that fateful day, the day that changed everything, forever. What day was that you might ask? It was the day **Patrick gave Lola table scraps. ” Oh that’s quite harmless”, I can hear you saying to yourselves. But oh how wrong you would be dear readers. You see, it may seem quite harmless and in fact may even appear to be cute. At first, in the beginning, and I might even agree with you. The problem is after the beginning. There is no way to just give a dog table scraps once, as any proud dog owner will tell you. Once they have tasted of the forbidden “Human Food” they are turned. The transformation happens, not quite in the blink of an eye, but slowly and insidiously over periods of time. 

Don’t get me wrong I love my family as much as the next guy but I just hate things that creep up on you. Lola is one of the greatest dogs in the world (actually the greatest if you ask Patrick or myself). These days, however find the terrible transformation complete. Our precious little princess ( read little moocharino) has changed from a dog who never even noticed we were eating,to a dog that will come running from wherever she is in the house when she hears the refrigerator open. From a mere pup who would play with reckless abandon while we ate,to a dog who will sit and stare at one of us, until they are done eating and when one is done will move to be closer to the one that still has food. She has even gone so far as to steal a steak off of my plate while I was distracted. Once the transformation is complete they are shameless, no level is too low, nothing is safe.

The moral of this story, dear readers is BEWARE. I am sure many other dog owners have been sucked into this trap. People who have witnessed the tragedy of this transformation, perhaps more than once. Do not let those limpid puppy dog eyes trick you, indeed they are not starving just because you are eating. No matter how much those eyes tell you that they are. ” But what can we do to stop this terrible evil?”, you may ask. Tell people, spread the word. Knowledge is power and power is just what you need to avoid this trap.

                                                                                               THE END

** Patrick is well aware of the fact that I blame him. He actually knows that it is (mostly) his fault. However, I am not claiming total absolution. I too have been known to put my plate on the floor for her to “finish off”. Patrick only gets the lion’s share of the blame because he did it first.