Remember back in this post , when I told you it was just a matter of time before the cane spiders came a callin’ ? It seems as though the first wave made it through our barricades last night.  When I got home from work there were two of them in our living room/kitchen ceiling, one in the bathroom and of course one in the bedroom. You would think that they would be fairly easy to kill but our ceilings are (I think) 10 feet high. Usually, I can get to them if I stand on a chair and use the swiffer wet mop (sans wet pad). But these buckos were barely just outta my reach, and apparently they knew that because we weren’t scaring them.

Finally I had an epiphany. I got a dishrag and put a few ice cubes inside to give it some weight,then tied up all the corners,then just threw it at the suckers. The result was kinda like a hard bean bag (which reminds me, I need to see if I can find a bean bag somewhere) ( you know, from like that game when we were kids, Toss Across). The dishrag wrapped ice cubes did their job though. I got all of them, except for one of the guys in the bedroom. I used the vacuum to get him. I must have really been on a roll, with 2 epiphanies in one night. Although it did take just over an hour to accomplish my heroic feat.

The end result was a worry free Patrick, who was able to sleep like a baby. It really bothers him more though because he can not look up at the ceiling. He has to rely on me to tell him if there are any up there or not. So far I have not lied to him, only because I know how much he hates them. Because of the fact that they don’t bother me (as much) I am the designated “monster killer”. However, if I miss one, I am told in no uncertain terms what I could have done to “get it”.

That’s really all that is going on with me right now . Patrick is sssslllloooowwwllllyyyyy recovering. He keeps trying to do too much and then I have to nag him to stop. That’s always alot of fun, I swear he is the MOST stubborn man I know. We go back to Oahu on June 6th for his first follow-up, so we should find out how normally he is progressing afterwards. Work is finally starting to wind down for me as the banquet season ends and the family season starts,although we do still have a couple of weeks of big groups. As a matter of fact, I am about to leave work to see whether or not the second wave has begun yet. Trust me, on Maui, the work of “monster killer” is never truly done . However, Terminex comes on Tuesday!!!!! That should give me a bit of a reprieve ( one can hope).