I don’t think I am one to rant (much) on my blog. Sure I sometimes complain but then again don’t we all ? However, this story is just really chapping the old cheeks. Apparently it is okay for this guy to have a child, as long as it is with a girl. His legally married wife,whom he also abused on a regular basis, including punching her in the stomach while she was pregnant.Other things I learned from watching Nancy Grace( I don’t normally watch her but it was on in the employee cafeteria) on CNN is that the microwave wasn’t his first try. Yeah he also tried the room safe and then the refrigerator before he decided on the micrwave, for 10 -20 seconds.

The baby is only 2 months old, how in the world did she end up with these parents. Talk to me some more about “family values” and the ” sanctity of marriage” . While your at it explain how it is okay for these people to try and fight and get their “precious child” back. Tell me how she would most likely be traumatized by being raised by a gay or lesbian couple. How her life could no longer be normal with two dads, or two moms for that matter.Like this incident isn’t gonna traumatize her. Third degree burns on her face and left arm ( I also heard on NG). Now, I am not saying that I want to have a child at this point in my life. I would like to be able to have the option to do so if we chose to though. But we can’t. AND THEN >>>>AND THEN  to throw more wood on the fire He says he was ” sent ” by God to preach in Galveston ?? !! WTF !!!

OH and just for good measure the “wife ” is supporting the “husband”, she says she just wants her child back so THEY can continue to be a “family”. In defense of her husband she is using the old ” the devil told him to do it” . It just really really sucks knowing that people like this can have as many kids as they want, for as long as they want . While other couples, either straight and barren, or same sex couples who are trying every way available to be able to have a child, that they would love and cherish and nurture can not, that just really makes me very sad.  

 But lets continue to extol the virtues of family decreed by the “powers that be”. Hell if you can’t nuke ’em you can just throw ’em in a dumpster, or drown them , maybe even bash in their tiny skulls. Ahhhhhhh “Family values”. I think I have mentioned before, either in a post or a comment to someone, there is something inherently wrong when a child who puts his/her utmost trust in their parents can be brought to harm, sometimes even death, by the people they call mommy and daddy.