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Dream Police

I know I have mentioned a few times that I have a hard time remembering my dreams. To my delight (and sometimes my horror) I am remembering more of them recently. I have no idea why. I think it is facinating how the brain works. Take this morning for an example. I was having a dream in which Patrick and I were living somewhere in the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands. Why there you may ask? Because, I had put a steel drum song on my cell phone for my alarm. The funny thing was in my dream, a friend of ours was showing us her paycheck, the envelope it was in was playing a steel drum song (which was really my alarm). Patrick finally woke me up by saying ” Scott it’s time for you to get up. Your cell phone is having a party without you”. One of the many reasons I love my man. He can make me laugh first thing in the morning with out even having to open his eyes. 

This whole dream thing got me thinking, as I was in the shower, of other odd dreams I have had recently. This one was sometime last week. And let me preface it by saying that on the days that I work early I get extremely paraniod about not getting up in time, for whatever reason. I am soooo not a morning person. Not hearing the alarm, or turning off the alarm and falling back to sleep, whatever. Luckily for me I only have to get up at 6 A. M. two or three times a week. Now on to the dream.

~~~~~~~~~~ Harp music ~~~~~~~~~  Screen going wobbly like in a sitcom dream sequence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. I know this because I was walking around a park that is situated in said downtown area. It was late, but not too late because there were still many people out and about. As I was walking, I noticed that a police car was slowly following my walk around the pond. Very discretely I veered from my path and walked out of the park. Somehow I ended up losing the first cop car, but as I continued walking I saw another one behind me. As the dream progressed it seemed that every intersection I passed held a police car, all of the police intent on me. Finally I broke into a run and the police gave chase. Eventually they got me blocked at the end of a dead end street, I had no escape. I stood there waiting for the police man to reach me. He walked up to me warily (picture a buffer Ricky Martin and that was my cop). He blinded me with his flash light and asked me if I was ScottK. Of course I answered, that I was. His response to me was ” Well sir, if you don’t wake up now you are going to be late for work.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End Dream Sequence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Needless to say I jumped out of bed and began getting ready to get to work. I was right on time. Thank you Mr. Ricky Martin, Police officer/personal wake up caller.

**** Yes I am aware that this post gives you all a little glimpse further into my freakishnes , but what’s a guy to do. ****


Moving; The Great Debate

Our lease is up at the end of June. So now comes the great dilemma that we all face at one time or another, until we reach the echelon of home ownership. To re-sign a new lease for no shorter than 1 year, or to scour the Internet and newspapers in search of newer shinier “digs”. Since we now know that we will be staying here on Maui for a bit (until we can be rid of the WC folk) , there are reasons to stay where we are . However, there are also a few reasons which might force our hand.

We absolutely love the house we are in at this time. Most (if not all) of the reasons that would have us move are external ones. We have been at the same place for two years now. When the property manager showed it to us we knew we would take it before even stepping out of the car. The best thing about it is that it’s at the end of a dead end street, and sits on about 1.5 acres, loaded with Plumeria trees. Lola loves to have running space and can play ball or frisbee for hours at a time.

One of the reasons we may be forced to leave it however is we think our next door neighbor has begun to sell drugs. We see cars at all hours of the night but mostly they come between 2A.M.and 5 A.M.. They turn off their lights as they pull  into our driveway. On a couple of occasions we have seen/heard people hanging out behind our house, or seen them down at the end of our yard congregating around our huge Monkey Pod tree.  Patrick has called the police twice but both times the people were gone before the police showed up. The “investigation” kinda stopped after they found no evidence of people being there( however, the evidence was that Patrick and I saw them there).

The other reason we may leave is, it is just to hard to upkeep. The house itself is rather small, but Paia is notorious for being a dust bowl. After all, when the cane is all burnt the cane fields are all just big dirt plots. Last month we decided to bomb for bugs. After the requistite 4 hours wait time we went back in, washed all the dishes, scrubbed all the counters and floors and vacuumed the carpet in the bedroom . The very next day there was a huge dust storm, due to the cane trucks, and we had to clean the whole house from top to bottom again. So. not. fun. It was so dusty that all of Lola’s white spots looked a bit like rust. Plus, all that dust can not be good for Patrick’s asthma.

One reason for staying put, however, is that it isn’t easy to find a place that is worth living in that will accept pets here on Maui. Trust me we have looked. Most of the places that do accept dogs do it because there is no way that the dog could damage the properties anymore than they already are. The other reason to stay is that Patrick feels he would not be much help in the whole moving process. Which is true, but he is more of a ” moving supervisor” than a mover, even in the best of times.

So stay tuned for more news as things develop (unless I have already bored you enough). The consensus so far is that we stay put, unless we can find a place that actually has a fenced in yard that allows pets and is liveable. Patrick wants to move closer to where I work to lessen my commute but that is not as important as getting Lola a fenced in romping area. We shall see what we shall see. I do know this much, if we do end up going, a moving company and “Merry Maids” will be under our employ, at least for a day.

Simply not Done

I have seen, of late, a shocking rise of things that really tick people off or, in other words, things that simply shouldn’t be done. At any time, for any reason. I may live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, however these things happen here as well ( although I think it is mostly Tourists doing it ) (I kid,I kid)

Most of these things happen to me on a daily or at least weekly basis while at work:

1) When waiting for an elevator to open there is no need to mob the doors before they even open, let alone have their crowds disgorged. Seriously, while taking a food warmer to an outdoor function site I almost ran over a 4ft 2 housekeeper. Simply because I didn’t see her. Our food warmers (full) weigh at least 500-600 pounds and therefore are not the easiest things to ” steer ” if I get in “your way” . 

2) When strolling down the hallways in the “back of the house “( Hotel lingo for behind the scenes)   there is no need to stretch your group all the way across the hallway not letting anyone else by. There are some people that actually have a goal and are headed somewhere they need to be quickly, please curtail your “posse” to one side of the hall. Really, these hallways are made wider to accomodate things other than your “lunch group.”

3) Be aware of your surroundings. This is actually something that I would LOVE to see more people do. While pushing the aforementioned 500 pound “Hot boxes” There is no need for you to run across my path thinking you will make it safely. You most likely will, but my shins / heels /calves and ankles should not have to pay the price for you being in a hurry.

Ok, so those were the ones that I deal with at work. Below are a few more that I feel are worth a mention from the outside world.

1) When dining in a public restaraunt, with children/toddlers feel free to show a little”tough love” by not allowing them to run amok throughout the dining room screaming at the tops of their lungs . And no I do not care if it is a Pizza Hut on “Buffet night”. Some rules must be upheld everywhere. Nor should you bellow at them while remaining seated to “get back over here or you can sit in the car til we are done ”

2) By the same token, if you are in a Pizza Hut on “Buffet Night” it is not acceptable to be speaking of things of a delicate nature in your stadium voice (allowing all 7 tables around you to hear about the terrible time you had popping the latest toddler from your vagina).

3) Try not to attend a movie if you are not feeling well. I really think I would have enjoyed Mr. Brooks alot more if I didnt have  A) a guy who had to blow his nose every 3 seconds B) His wife who (I think) hacked up a lung and C) Ms. Commentator who had to comment loudly on every scene in the movie. Maybe coughy and sneezy missed something, I am not sure. Even though both Patrick and I both did the whole (very obviously displeased) slow head and half body turn to look at them at least 5 times during the film, they still didn’t get it.  

4) If, while trying to get our spot in the parking lot after said movie, it is not acceptable for you to honk your horn 5 times while waiting for me to back out. I knew you wanted my space.I saw you signal with your blinker. I was happy to give it to you, when I was out of it, not before.

And last but not least

5) If you are a local Hawaiian who happens to be employed by “white folks”, in a store owned by the “white folks” in which more than  a few “white folks” are also employed and many “white folks” shop, I don’t think you are using the brains God gave you when you loudly espouse your theory that all “white folks” are either assholes or idiots. At least not loudly enough to be heard 4 isles over from where you are cashiering. 

I think the days of being respectful of others is long gone. I have the feeling that I am one of the last of a dying breed. And, although being raised in the south, I was not forced to go to charm school. I think most of these are just common sense/respect issues. I could be wrong , maybe it is rocket science.

Space/Time Continuum

Patrick had his very first follow-up appointment on Wednesday. However, Tuesday I had to go and have an MRI. Because for some reason Patrick and I can never both be well at the same time. It would totally destroy the space time continuum and we would have total disaster. Shear pandemonium would break out everywhere. Actually I have been in pain longer than Patrick ( but don’t tell him that). I have spoken to some of you about it before. My pain is in my back and shoots from the middle of my back and hip and goes all the way down to my mid calf, depending on how much walking around I have been doing.

I have been seeing a physical therapist friend of ours for awhile , but she saw no improvement over a 2 month period. Our Dr. decided the MRI was the best way to see what’s going on in there. Luckily, I am not a claustrophobic person, so the machine didn’t bother me . Other than being really loud and boring. So I decided to make a li’l game out of it and see if I could discern any words form in the thumping rhythmyic pounding . It was a way to help the time pass and I actually heard 3 distinct words. What were they ? Peddle, Downtown and Turkey Burger. So now all doubt is gone about me being a freak, right? I won’t know anything more about the specifics of the MRI until my next Dr. appointment on June 20th.

By the way, Patrick is doing well. His Dr. on Oahu said everything looks like it is progressing well. Until he handed Patrick a book. The DR. asked if he could feel how heavy the book was. Of course Patrick said  yes. Dr. then said, ” That book weighs 5 pounds, that is all you are supposed to be lifting, but I can tell you have been overdoing it ” . Way to go Dr. I thought. Patrick may not listen to me but hopefully he will listen to the Dr.( yeah right).

So everything here is progressing well. Except for my overwhelming desire to go and buy a bike. Why a bike you ask ? So that I can peddle downtown to have a turkey burger.

I have found myself being quite introspective of late, thinking inside my head and just hanging out. Alot of this is because Patrick has been sleeping alot lately. His recovery is still going slowly partially because he won’t stop doing things. So I have been spending alot of time inside my head (a very scary place to be at times) and have been doing alot of reading.

Patrick has his first follow up with the Dr. on Oahu on the 6th of June, I am staying home this time.  I just want him to be done with the pain. He still has some bad days, and it gets frustrating for him . He hates that fact that he feels he is “not contributing” therefore is not being a good “partner”. I told him that’s why it is called a partnership, things are getting done together, in every partnership there is never a true balance of contribution, but what gets done is a amalgam of the partners ending in a whole. Then I reminded him of the words sickness and health, through good times and bad.

 Hell, he took care of me for 6 months when I shattered my knee cap. As far as his not contributing, he makes me smile and laugh and feel better after a bad day. I think those are contributions enough. He didn’t exactly see it my way but thanked me for the effort.

Other than that I really have no news to impart. Hopefully with in the next couple of days something exciting will happen that will keep you all enthralled and at the edge of your seat. Until then these tidbits will just have to hold you over until the good stuff gets here.

P.S. Talking to my friend at the concierge desk I found out someone called from the “United States”. The lady then asked her how much some things cost here on the island. After my friend told her some basic prices of things here the lady asked her if that was in “U.S. Dollars”. Tourists…….. I should transfer to the concierge dept , I could write a book, I tell ya.