I have found myself being quite introspective of late, thinking inside my head and just hanging out. Alot of this is because Patrick has been sleeping alot lately. His recovery is still going slowly partially because he won’t stop doing things. So I have been spending alot of time inside my head (a very scary place to be at times) and have been doing alot of reading.

Patrick has his first follow up with the Dr. on Oahu on the 6th of June, I am staying home this time.  I just want him to be done with the pain. He still has some bad days, and it gets frustrating for him . He hates that fact that he feels he is “not contributing” therefore is not being a good “partner”. I told him that’s why it is called a partnership, things are getting done together, in every partnership there is never a true balance of contribution, but what gets done is a amalgam of the partners ending in a whole. Then I reminded him of the words sickness and health, through good times and bad.

 Hell, he took care of me for 6 months when I shattered my knee cap. As far as his not contributing, he makes me smile and laugh and feel better after a bad day. I think those are contributions enough. He didn’t exactly see it my way but thanked me for the effort.

Other than that I really have no news to impart. Hopefully with in the next couple of days something exciting will happen that will keep you all enthralled and at the edge of your seat. Until then these tidbits will just have to hold you over until the good stuff gets here.

P.S. Talking to my friend at the concierge desk I found out someone called from the “United States”. The lady then asked her how much some things cost here on the island. After my friend told her some basic prices of things here the lady asked her if that was in “U.S. Dollars”. Tourists…….. I should transfer to the concierge dept , I could write a book, I tell ya.