Patrick had his very first follow-up appointment on Wednesday. However, Tuesday I had to go and have an MRI. Because for some reason Patrick and I can never both be well at the same time. It would totally destroy the space time continuum and we would have total disaster. Shear pandemonium would break out everywhere. Actually I have been in pain longer than Patrick ( but don’t tell him that). I have spoken to some of you about it before. My pain is in my back and shoots from the middle of my back and hip and goes all the way down to my mid calf, depending on how much walking around I have been doing.

I have been seeing a physical therapist friend of ours for awhile , but she saw no improvement over a 2 month period. Our Dr. decided the MRI was the best way to see what’s going on in there. Luckily, I am not a claustrophobic person, so the machine didn’t bother me . Other than being really loud and boring. So I decided to make a li’l game out of it and see if I could discern any words form in the thumping rhythmyic pounding . It was a way to help the time pass and I actually heard 3 distinct words. What were they ? Peddle, Downtown and Turkey Burger. So now all doubt is gone about me being a freak, right? I won’t know anything more about the specifics of the MRI until my next Dr. appointment on June 20th.

By the way, Patrick is doing well. His Dr. on Oahu said everything looks like it is progressing well. Until he handed Patrick a book. The DR. asked if he could feel how heavy the book was. Of course Patrick said  yes. Dr. then said, ” That book weighs 5 pounds, that is all you are supposed to be lifting, but I can tell you have been overdoing it ” . Way to go Dr. I thought. Patrick may not listen to me but hopefully he will listen to the Dr.( yeah right).

So everything here is progressing well. Except for my overwhelming desire to go and buy a bike. Why a bike you ask ? So that I can peddle downtown to have a turkey burger.