I have seen, of late, a shocking rise of things that really tick people off or, in other words, things that simply shouldn’t be done. At any time, for any reason. I may live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, however these things happen here as well ( although I think it is mostly Tourists doing it ) (I kid,I kid)

Most of these things happen to me on a daily or at least weekly basis while at work:

1) When waiting for an elevator to open there is no need to mob the doors before they even open, let alone have their crowds disgorged. Seriously, while taking a food warmer to an outdoor function site I almost ran over a 4ft 2 housekeeper. Simply because I didn’t see her. Our food warmers (full) weigh at least 500-600 pounds and therefore are not the easiest things to ” steer ” if I get in “your way” . 

2) When strolling down the hallways in the “back of the house “( Hotel lingo for behind the scenes)   there is no need to stretch your group all the way across the hallway not letting anyone else by. There are some people that actually have a goal and are headed somewhere they need to be quickly, please curtail your “posse” to one side of the hall. Really, these hallways are made wider to accomodate things other than your “lunch group.”

3) Be aware of your surroundings. This is actually something that I would LOVE to see more people do. While pushing the aforementioned 500 pound “Hot boxes” There is no need for you to run across my path thinking you will make it safely. You most likely will, but my shins / heels /calves and ankles should not have to pay the price for you being in a hurry.

Ok, so those were the ones that I deal with at work. Below are a few more that I feel are worth a mention from the outside world.

1) When dining in a public restaraunt, with children/toddlers feel free to show a little”tough love” by not allowing them to run amok throughout the dining room screaming at the tops of their lungs . And no I do not care if it is a Pizza Hut on “Buffet night”. Some rules must be upheld everywhere. Nor should you bellow at them while remaining seated to “get back over here or you can sit in the car til we are done ”

2) By the same token, if you are in a Pizza Hut on “Buffet Night” it is not acceptable to be speaking of things of a delicate nature in your stadium voice (allowing all 7 tables around you to hear about the terrible time you had popping the latest toddler from your vagina).

3) Try not to attend a movie if you are not feeling well. I really think I would have enjoyed Mr. Brooks alot more if I didnt have  A) a guy who had to blow his nose every 3 seconds B) His wife who (I think) hacked up a lung and C) Ms. Commentator who had to comment loudly on every scene in the movie. Maybe coughy and sneezy missed something, I am not sure. Even though both Patrick and I both did the whole (very obviously displeased) slow head and half body turn to look at them at least 5 times during the film, they still didn’t get it.  

4) If, while trying to get our spot in the parking lot after said movie, it is not acceptable for you to honk your horn 5 times while waiting for me to back out. I knew you wanted my space.I saw you signal with your blinker. I was happy to give it to you, when I was out of it, not before.

And last but not least

5) If you are a local Hawaiian who happens to be employed by “white folks”, in a store owned by the “white folks” in which more than  a few “white folks” are also employed and many “white folks” shop, I don’t think you are using the brains God gave you when you loudly espouse your theory that all “white folks” are either assholes or idiots. At least not loudly enough to be heard 4 isles over from where you are cashiering. 

I think the days of being respectful of others is long gone. I have the feeling that I am one of the last of a dying breed. And, although being raised in the south, I was not forced to go to charm school. I think most of these are just common sense/respect issues. I could be wrong , maybe it is rocket science.