I know I have mentioned a few times that I have a hard time remembering my dreams. To my delight (and sometimes my horror) I am remembering more of them recently. I have no idea why. I think it is facinating how the brain works. Take this morning for an example. I was having a dream in which Patrick and I were living somewhere in the Bahamas or the Virgin Islands. Why there you may ask? Because, I had put a steel drum song on my cell phone for my alarm. The funny thing was in my dream, a friend of ours was showing us her paycheck, the envelope it was in was playing a steel drum song (which was really my alarm). Patrick finally woke me up by saying ” Scott it’s time for you to get up. Your cell phone is having a party without you”. One of the many reasons I love my man. He can make me laugh first thing in the morning with out even having to open his eyes. 

This whole dream thing got me thinking, as I was in the shower, of other odd dreams I have had recently. This one was sometime last week. And let me preface it by saying that on the days that I work early I get extremely paraniod about not getting up in time, for whatever reason. I am soooo not a morning person. Not hearing the alarm, or turning off the alarm and falling back to sleep, whatever. Luckily for me I only have to get up at 6 A. M. two or three times a week. Now on to the dream.

~~~~~~~~~~ Harp music ~~~~~~~~~  Screen going wobbly like in a sitcom dream sequence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. I know this because I was walking around a park that is situated in said downtown area. It was late, but not too late because there were still many people out and about. As I was walking, I noticed that a police car was slowly following my walk around the pond. Very discretely I veered from my path and walked out of the park. Somehow I ended up losing the first cop car, but as I continued walking I saw another one behind me. As the dream progressed it seemed that every intersection I passed held a police car, all of the police intent on me. Finally I broke into a run and the police gave chase. Eventually they got me blocked at the end of a dead end street, I had no escape. I stood there waiting for the police man to reach me. He walked up to me warily (picture a buffer Ricky Martin and that was my cop). He blinded me with his flash light and asked me if I was ScottK. Of course I answered, that I was. His response to me was ” Well sir, if you don’t wake up now you are going to be late for work.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End Dream Sequence~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Needless to say I jumped out of bed and began getting ready to get to work. I was right on time. Thank you Mr. Ricky Martin, Police officer/personal wake up caller.

**** Yes I am aware that this post gives you all a little glimpse further into my freakishnes , but what’s a guy to do. ****