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While meandering around my blogroll the other day, I found it interesting to note how many of the folks I read like night or evening as opposed to day. Interesting by way of just one more thing I have in common with my virtual friends. I have always been more of an evening/night kinda guy myself.

Evening is when the harshness falls away,every thing is given a calm soothing dimming. I can remember some of my favorite things about night from different areas that I have lived as well. When I was living back in Pennsylvania, the memories are of a full moon reflecting off a field of snow, and the eerie glow that accompanied it. Or how as it was snowing all the street lights would get halos of incandesence around them as it fell. I remember how quiet the world gets at night in the middle of a snowstorm and how, ironically, noises get amplified after the snow has settled down for the night.

From Alabama, I remember evening as a time of lightning bugs (depending on season of course) and the last few minutes of playtime before being called back home. In the fall, I remember how, almost instantly,as the sun went down, the smell of dried and dying leaves seemed to permeate the crisp cool air. In the winter the leaves were replaced with fireplace smoke.

I could go on and on boring you with memories of evening in every place I have lived, but I won’t do that to you. Let’s just suffice it to say that some of my fondest memories happened after the sun went down. Evenings and nights are no less spectacular here in the Pacific. After witnessing some spectacular sunset,walking on the beach after dark with Patrick and Lola is one of my favorite things. Going out in our yard and looking up to see the myriad of stars (and druggies from next door) staring down at me. Sharing Bonfires,long into the night, on the beach with friends.  Yes, I guess you could say night time is my favorite time of the day as well, and knowing that I share that with some other friends across the States and beyond….well that just makes it even a little more special. 


Rate my Geekiness

*** If you have not read any of the Harry Potter books, you may not understand this post. However, feel free to rate my geekiness anyway. ***

Last night I was so excited to get into Borders and buy my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,that I locked my keys in my car. Yes, you read that correctly. Let me explain. I knew that I did not have enough cash on me to get it. In fact I wasn’t even going to get it, at least not until it came out in paperback. My sister, however made the point that if I didn’t get it, I wouldn’t know what happened until a year or so later than everyone else. And by that time I am sure I would have heard how it ended, so it would have been ruined for me anyway.  Back to not having the cash. Bank funds were also low so I didn’t want to put it on my debt card. Then I remembered my “emergency” credit card.

I called and asked Mr. Patrick if it would be ok to use some of the credit card to make up what I lacked in cash. That conversation happened right after I pulled into Borders. After Patrick said that I could indeed call “needing ” this book an “emergency”, I hung up ( after many thanks yous, and promising to read it to him at night before bed), hit my automatic locking mechanism and closed my door. As soon as the door thunked closed I realized what I did. Did I let that stop me? No, I did not. I went into the store, purchased my book and asked if they had a wire hanger. Luck was with me because they did, and they even let me keep it.

Now, none of the above really makes me a geek( except for the whole getting overly excited about a book). I did not march to my nearest book seller at 11:45 P.M. on the 20th to wait in line. I did not dress as my “favorite character” and attend a book bash party at the Borders here. In fact I did not even pre-order or reserve one. Hell, I even waited a whole 20 hours after it was available to buy my copy.

This is the part that made me believe I might be a geek. While I was trying to get into my car with the aforementioned wire hanger, all I was thinking is that if I had attended Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I would have been able to Wingardium Leviosa my spare keys to myself. But the more I thought about it I realized that the Wingardium Leviosa Spell was a LEVITATION spell. It would not have helped me at all. What I needed was to Accio the spare keys to me, or for that matter I could have just Accio(ed) the keys that were in the ignition. Because we all know that to Accio something is to summon it with a summoning spell or charm.

Then it dawned on me. I was having a conversation in my head about which magical spell I would have actually used to unlock my car door, or to get my spare key from home.  My epiphany was that, yes, indeed I am a geek. Now that I think about it maybe blogging about the whole situation takes it to a whole new level of geekiness.

The rules are simple. Common scale 1-10 (1 being less geeky 10 being most geeky) . Please leave your vote in the comment section of this post. If you feel the need to up the scale to 1-20 ……go ahead, if you must.

*** UPDATE- I just thought of something else. I could have just shattered my window, grabbed the keys and the just Reparo(ed) the window. (okay scott that’s enough… seriously, it is ……I mean it ….no more updates)

FYI; The “Procedure”

I have survived my “procedure thingy” with flying colors. It was pretty cool when I was being rolled from the room, I got to see the x-ray part. Maybe it’s just me but it is kinda neat seeing inside your own body ( although I don’t think I could handle looking inside someone else’s ( excluding x-rays of course). Or it could be just one more thing that makes me a freak .

As they were poking around with their dye needle ( yes I had a local anesthesia) I could feel my back going numb, until they found the right spot . At that point from the middle of my back down through my right Buttock all the way to my foot started to tingle. When I told the Dr. that he said ” looks like we found the right spot then”,and started injecting the Cortizone. I actually got another day off from work though, so that was cool. My back is actually reacting pretty well to the stuff. The Dr. did say it might take 3-4 days to feel its full affect.

So, it looks like my only other issue is my Achilles tendonitis, which I will address on Aug.7th. I am not going to worry too much about that. One thing at a time and right now I am trying to get my back Pain free…. looks good so far !

*****BB8 Update !!!With Evil Dick as the HOH I am most sure he will put up Jen and Kail ……….. Hopefully one of those two losers will be gone this week . *****

Life that is ….I was back to work today after my 5 day hiatus. Tomorrow is my “procedure”, then back to work again. If I had a dollar for every time I wished I was independently wealthy………….well then I would , most likely, be independently wealthy.

All in all we had a great 5 days off, the first 2 days Patrick and I just hung out, played with Lola and putzed around the house. Then on Sunday we began to get our stuff together and headed off to the Resort I work for, if only for an (all too brief) one night stay. We took some homemade chicken salad with us because we were having some friends join us for the day we also took 2 bottles of champagne. Upon checking in the Front Desk Mgr overheard me saying something about Patrick’s Birthday ( which was the 17th), He then proceeded to give us 2 coupons for a bottle of champagne at any of our restaurants on property.

I suppose I do not need to tell you that Sunday night was a night of restaurant/bar hopping all of it free because the Restaurant Mgrs “took care” of our bills all we had to do was tip which we did nicely. Of course we didn’t leave the room until both of our bottles were consumed. Along with a 12 pack of Heinekins. It sounds as if we drink alot but we really don’t anymore, we allow ourselves 1 day a year to get hammered ( if we so choose). That day usually falls on or around our b-days.

 Monday was our day for getting up early to hang out at the pool, so it rained. But we were like ” As soon as we get in the water we are going to get wet anyway, plus no need to smutchz ourselves with sunblock”.Monday was a great day and we finally headed home to spend some time with Lola. Our friends had gone home, and spent the night at our house so Lola wouldn’t be alone.

Tuesday was Patrick’s actual b-day so he was allowed to wallow around in self indulgence as much as he wanted . I even gave him a calf and foot masage. He thinks I should go to Massage Therapy classes. Later in the evening I made him a Pork Tenderloin dinner with a medley of veggies and some (kick ass, if I must say so myself) Mashed potatoes. Then we went out for Ice Cream at Baskin and Robbins, and the 7:15 showing of HP: The Order of the Phoenix. Then we came home and watched BB ( Big Brother). And for those of you, my fans, who watch along with me , I need to tell you it is time for Jen to GO. She is such a freaking Psycho.

And that, as they say, was that. Too short, too quickly passed, but very well spent days. Please remember to keep me in your thoughts on Thursday as needles pierce through my spinal column and inject their soothing balm.   

Or in this case before we get a break. Patrick is on Oahu today for his follow-up. Today he is not leaving with out answers (or so he says). He has checked in a couple of times and had some good news and some not so good news. The good news is he should most likely only have to go back one more time for his neck. The Dr. took an x-ray and apparently everything is healing well. His headache has subsided and now he only has pain in his shoulder and upper arm. The bad news is the Dr. thinks he is most likely going to have to have 2 more surgeries. One for the torn tendon and the other for his rotor cuff injury.  

Depending on the orthopedic surgeon he goes to they could “most likely” be taken care of in one surgery. So I guess that could be construed as good news if one is desperately searching for good news, which, I guess, we are. It is kinda frustrating, to be honest. As much as I like living here on Maui (and trust me I do), the isolation is starting to really bug me. Now that Patrick is looking at 1, maybe 2, more surgeries does not bode well for us moving anytime soon. The way WC works he has to go through physical therapy for each injury and then get assessed by an IME ( Independant Medical Examiner), before he will be released. Being released after an IME can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks.Please do not get me wrong. I am not complaining about being here. However, once I get an idea in my head I can be pretty impatient until it comes to fruition.  Also we are not sure about one other thing , if after all the assessments he gets to have Occupational rehab (meaning WC will pay for him to go to school to learn a new trade) do we have to do that here as well ? If so then the moving gets pushed even further  onto the back burner. Of course I want to do what is best for Patrick , and I understand that he is not at fault for any of the waiting. I guess the fact that I am beginning to really dislike my job might have something to do with my apprehensions. So we are stuck in this sort of limbo. I could change my job, but then what if Patrick is fully released in the next year? At my age, working at a new job for less than a year does not look good on a resume. So I guess I should just man-up and stay at the job I have been at for the last (almost) 3 years.

News on my front is pretty much in a holding pattern as well. Thanks to XS Vicodin my back doesn’t hurt (much) but I am still having the procedure on the 19th ( Yes Doug, I am going to ask about some of the things you mentioned as well). And so we are trying to move forward, but feels like we are not moving in any direction at all. Oh….and speaking of moving we decided not to. Too much other crapola to deal with right now and with Patrick’s arm and shoulder and my back neither one of us in in a position to move anyway. So, it looks like the Ol’ Homestead will be the Ol Homestead,at least for the time being. I need a vacation ….oh yeah just one more day til my 5 days off  WOOT WOOT !!!!!

A Shiny Ray of Light

Yes there is a bit a light in my life at this moment. However many of you may think I am crazy(ier), for having this be a ray of light. Big Brother Season 8 started last Thursday. Now, I am not a huge fan of reality shows. Yeah, I love A. I. but I don’t really see that as a reality show per se. Survivor had it’s time ( please realize your time is over). Most of the other stuff is trash, refuse, waste( other than So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent).

Ah, but BB is my guilty pleasure. I love the whole concept of the show. I should have been a phsycology major instead of theology. I love the way they take 14 strangers put them in a house and then we just “see what happens”. This year is gonna be even better because three of them are in the house with an unwelcome guest/bitter enemy. A Father and Daughter that haven’t spoken in 2 years, a gay couple who broke up bitterly and two high school rivals who haven’t spoken in over five years. Should be fun fun fun. Hell, the gay boys alone should keep us all entertained with their vicious cat fights !!! Oh and then, thrown in for good measure, is a religious right wing nut job, who has already stated she didn’t know what she would do if one of her kids came to her to tell her they had ” chosen the gay lifestyle”.  

I know a TV show is kinda a lame ray of light, so shoot me, or just add it to my list of other tendancies that make me a bit of a freak .

Seems like all I do lately is fill you guys in on all the crappy stuff going on in our lives these days. Ready for some more B.S. ?? Ok here we go .

1) Since Patrick’s surgery he has been having a constant monumental non-ceasing headache. When He told his Dr. on Oahu about this the Dr’s response was ” Hopefully they will subside”. On a (kinda) good note  Patrick has started his P.T. .Why is it only kinda a good note ? His Therapist is fairly sure that while doing the surgery they tore his right R. C ( not sure think it is rotor cuff, or rotator)  in his shoulder. It happened while they were trying to line up his neck for the titanium plate. Patrick said he remembers his DR saying something to the effect of “some one had to stand with his feet on your rib cage pulling on the right arm, to line up your spine”. Needless to say, they had forgotten, that he already had a right shoulder injury along with his neck. The bad part is we can do nothing about it because Patrick had to sign a waiver. So looks like Patrick will be headed back into surgery sometime soon. The reason the physical therapist thinks they did it is, she has requested a report 4 times and has still not heard a peep from them.We will know more about it after the 11th, when Patrick goes back for his second follow-up . 

2) Remember my funky little MRI post awhile back? The results were less than spectacular. I have a couple of slipped/herniated disks in my lower back. I get the extreme “pleasure” of having a “procedure” on the 19th in which they will be using a X-ray machine(as well as really big thick needles) to inject cortizone into my spinal cord in the affected areas. If the cortizone doesn’t work with in 1-2 treatments, I then, will need to have back surgery. On top of all this, because of all the pain on my right side I have been overcompensating with my left side. This over compensation has led to me now having tendonitis of the achilles tendon on my left foot/ankle. After my back ” procedure” my Dr. is going to try cortizone on my foot as well. And if that doesn’t work ? You guessed it ! I will have to have surgery on my foot. Hopefully these cortizone treatments work miracles as I really do NOT want to have surgery once, let alone twice.

Other than all of the above, things are going fairly well here. We have managed to get in a couple of beach days. I am taking a small break from work on the 13 of July through The 17 th ( Patrick’s Birthday) We have decided to explore some areas of Maui that we haven’t made it to yet. Be tourists for a couple of those days. Lola is doing well, she survived another 4th of July (with the aid of doggie downers). I am not sure what the hell is going on with her two daddies though. It has been a rough couple of months for us physically as well as emotionally. Maybe  we are just getting old and bits and pieces are failing along the way. Or maybe it is a sign that we need to get off this rock ASAP. Only time will tell.