Seems like all I do lately is fill you guys in on all the crappy stuff going on in our lives these days. Ready for some more B.S. ?? Ok here we go .

1) Since Patrick’s surgery he has been having a constant monumental non-ceasing headache. When He told his Dr. on Oahu about this the Dr’s response was ” Hopefully they will subside”. On a (kinda) good note  Patrick has started his P.T. .Why is it only kinda a good note ? His Therapist is fairly sure that while doing the surgery they tore his right R. C ( not sure think it is rotor cuff, or rotator)  in his shoulder. It happened while they were trying to line up his neck for the titanium plate. Patrick said he remembers his DR saying something to the effect of “some one had to stand with his feet on your rib cage pulling on the right arm, to line up your spine”. Needless to say, they had forgotten, that he already had a right shoulder injury along with his neck. The bad part is we can do nothing about it because Patrick had to sign a waiver. So looks like Patrick will be headed back into surgery sometime soon. The reason the physical therapist thinks they did it is, she has requested a report 4 times and has still not heard a peep from them.We will know more about it after the 11th, when Patrick goes back for his second follow-up . 

2) Remember my funky little MRI post awhile back? The results were less than spectacular. I have a couple of slipped/herniated disks in my lower back. I get the extreme “pleasure” of having a “procedure” on the 19th in which they will be using a X-ray machine(as well as really big thick needles) to inject cortizone into my spinal cord in the affected areas. If the cortizone doesn’t work with in 1-2 treatments, I then, will need to have back surgery. On top of all this, because of all the pain on my right side I have been overcompensating with my left side. This over compensation has led to me now having tendonitis of the achilles tendon on my left foot/ankle. After my back ” procedure” my Dr. is going to try cortizone on my foot as well. And if that doesn’t work ? You guessed it ! I will have to have surgery on my foot. Hopefully these cortizone treatments work miracles as I really do NOT want to have surgery once, let alone twice.

Other than all of the above, things are going fairly well here. We have managed to get in a couple of beach days. I am taking a small break from work on the 13 of July through The 17 th ( Patrick’s Birthday) We have decided to explore some areas of Maui that we haven’t made it to yet. Be tourists for a couple of those days. Lola is doing well, she survived another 4th of July (with the aid of doggie downers). I am not sure what the hell is going on with her two daddies though. It has been a rough couple of months for us physically as well as emotionally. Maybe  we are just getting old and bits and pieces are failing along the way. Or maybe it is a sign that we need to get off this rock ASAP. Only time will tell.