Yes there is a bit a light in my life at this moment. However many of you may think I am crazy(ier), for having this be a ray of light. Big Brother Season 8 started last Thursday. Now, I am not a huge fan of reality shows. Yeah, I love A. I. but I don’t really see that as a reality show per se. Survivor had it’s time ( please realize your time is over). Most of the other stuff is trash, refuse, waste( other than So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent).

Ah, but BB is my guilty pleasure. I love the whole concept of the show. I should have been a phsycology major instead of theology. I love the way they take 14 strangers put them in a house and then we just “see what happens”. This year is gonna be even better because three of them are in the house with an unwelcome guest/bitter enemy. A Father and Daughter that haven’t spoken in 2 years, a gay couple who broke up bitterly and two high school rivals who haven’t spoken in over five years. Should be fun fun fun. Hell, the gay boys alone should keep us all entertained with their vicious cat fights !!! Oh and then, thrown in for good measure, is a religious right wing nut job, who has already stated she didn’t know what she would do if one of her kids came to her to tell her they had ” chosen the gay lifestyle”.  

I know a TV show is kinda a lame ray of light, so shoot me, or just add it to my list of other tendancies that make me a bit of a freak .