Life that is ….I was back to work today after my 5 day hiatus. Tomorrow is my “procedure”, then back to work again. If I had a dollar for every time I wished I was independently wealthy………….well then I would , most likely, be independently wealthy.

All in all we had a great 5 days off, the first 2 days Patrick and I just hung out, played with Lola and putzed around the house. Then on Sunday we began to get our stuff together and headed off to the Resort I work for, if only for an (all too brief) one night stay. We took some homemade chicken salad with us because we were having some friends join us for the day we also took 2 bottles of champagne. Upon checking in the Front Desk Mgr overheard me saying something about Patrick’s Birthday ( which was the 17th), He then proceeded to give us 2 coupons for a bottle of champagne at any of our restaurants on property.

I suppose I do not need to tell you that Sunday night was a night of restaurant/bar hopping all of it free because the Restaurant Mgrs “took care” of our bills all we had to do was tip which we did nicely. Of course we didn’t leave the room until both of our bottles were consumed. Along with a 12 pack of Heinekins. It sounds as if we drink alot but we really don’t anymore, we allow ourselves 1 day a year to get hammered ( if we so choose). That day usually falls on or around our b-days.

 Monday was our day for getting up early to hang out at the pool, so it rained. But we were like ” As soon as we get in the water we are going to get wet anyway, plus no need to smutchz ourselves with sunblock”.Monday was a great day and we finally headed home to spend some time with Lola. Our friends had gone home, and spent the night at our house so Lola wouldn’t be alone.

Tuesday was Patrick’s actual b-day so he was allowed to wallow around in self indulgence as much as he wanted . I even gave him a calf and foot masage. He thinks I should go to Massage Therapy classes. Later in the evening I made him a Pork Tenderloin dinner with a medley of veggies and some (kick ass, if I must say so myself) Mashed potatoes. Then we went out for Ice Cream at Baskin and Robbins, and the 7:15 showing of HP: The Order of the Phoenix. Then we came home and watched BB ( Big Brother). And for those of you, my fans, who watch along with me , I need to tell you it is time for Jen to GO. She is such a freaking Psycho.

And that, as they say, was that. Too short, too quickly passed, but very well spent days. Please remember to keep me in your thoughts on Thursday as needles pierce through my spinal column and inject their soothing balm.