I have survived my “procedure thingy” with flying colors. It was pretty cool when I was being rolled from the room, I got to see the x-ray part. Maybe it’s just me but it is kinda neat seeing inside your own body ( although I don’t think I could handle looking inside someone else’s ( excluding x-rays of course). Or it could be just one more thing that makes me a freak .

As they were poking around with their dye needle ( yes I had a local anesthesia) I could feel my back going numb, until they found the right spot . At that point from the middle of my back down through my right Buttock all the way to my foot started to tingle. When I told the Dr. that he said ” looks like we found the right spot then”,and started injecting the Cortizone. I actually got another day off from work though, so that was cool. My back is actually reacting pretty well to the stuff. The Dr. did say it might take 3-4 days to feel its full affect.

So, it looks like my only other issue is my Achilles tendonitis, which I will address on Aug.7th. I am not going to worry too much about that. One thing at a time and right now I am trying to get my back Pain free…. looks good so far !

*****BB8 Update !!!With Evil Dick as the HOH I am most sure he will put up Jen and Kail ……….. Hopefully one of those two losers will be gone this week . *****