While meandering around my blogroll the other day, I found it interesting to note how many of the folks I read like night or evening as opposed to day. Interesting by way of just one more thing I have in common with my virtual friends. I have always been more of an evening/night kinda guy myself.

Evening is when the harshness falls away,every thing is given a calm soothing dimming. I can remember some of my favorite things about night from different areas that I have lived as well. When I was living back in Pennsylvania, the memories are of a full moon reflecting off a field of snow, and the eerie glow that accompanied it. Or how as it was snowing all the street lights would get halos of incandesence around them as it fell. I remember how quiet the world gets at night in the middle of a snowstorm and how, ironically, noises get amplified after the snow has settled down for the night.

From Alabama, I remember evening as a time of lightning bugs (depending on season of course) and the last few minutes of playtime before being called back home. In the fall, I remember how, almost instantly,as the sun went down, the smell of dried and dying leaves seemed to permeate the crisp cool air. In the winter the leaves were replaced with fireplace smoke.

I could go on and on boring you with memories of evening in every place I have lived, but I won’t do that to you. Let’s just suffice it to say that some of my fondest memories happened after the sun went down. Evenings and nights are no less spectacular here in the Pacific. After witnessing some spectacular sunset,walking on the beach after dark with Patrick and Lola is one of my favorite things. Going out in our yard and looking up to see the myriad of stars (and druggies from next door) staring down at me. Sharing Bonfires,long into the night, on the beach with friends.  Yes, I guess you could say night time is my favorite time of the day as well, and knowing that I share that with some other friends across the States and beyond….well that just makes it even a little more special.