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They have caught the culprit. Actually, Patrick and I knew who the culprit was all along, as it was someone who was once quite close to us. Anyway she is in jail now. The charges we have her on are unlawful entry (to get into our house and steal the keys) and grand theft auto (actually driving off in the car w/o our permision). The Sargent that was talking to Patrick today told him that she is actually in custody for some other charges but the ones we have her on are the most harsh, and could send her away for the longest amount of time.

The next step will be Patrick and the D.A. talking. Patrick said that he would be willing to drop all the charges against her if the D. A. will force her into some kind of mandatory drug rehab for a sentenced amount of time . The Sargent said that would be up to the D. A. ,if he can even do that, but it just goes to show what a good man Patrick is . The car is a burnt out husk somewhere in a field according to the police.  Yeah, the girl torched it when she was on Meth and it got stuck in the mud. The good news in all of this is that, since we reported the car stolen we don’t have to go and retrieve it from the field.

So hopefully, the girl will go to rehab and get clean and turn back into the person we used to know and love. That is our wish for her anyway , the car is gone and has been for what 4 months now ? We were over that part awhile ago.  The broken heart and broken trust may still take awhile to heal. But who knows? In the end, we may just get to see, like I wrote in my last post that sometimes great beauty can break free from her darkness.


Angels in the Outfield

Although I may not be a million dollar preacher, and I may not save the souls of many, I am thankful for the time I spent in Bible College. It was 5 years in which I thought I was going in the direction I needed to be going, at the end of which I discovered, not so much.  We are all aware of the hate and judgement that spews forth from the mouths of the sanctified ones these days. I am in no way saying all Christians are this way, just most of their more vocal mouthpieces.

One of the many reasons I am thankful for my time in the ol’ BC is it taught me to be aware, that things around us aren’t always what they seem. It taught me that there are forces that abound, some who would have us do well, and some that would defeat us at every turn. Even though, at times I look at my time as a failure because, I have not become a pastor of a church nor shephered a flock. After reading one of the guys on my blogroll, I was relieved to find that I am not the only one who believes in something.

You see I may not go to Church anymore but I am spiritual or I try to be. One of the things I learned in BC was about the spirit world and how there are things that can not be seen, can barely be explained. I do believe there is a God and to keep everything in balance I must therefore,logically, see that there is an evil presense at work as well. Along with that I also believe in his ministering spirits or angels, and their balance demons.   If you read Mark at all you will find (or you can do a search in his blog) 3 (I think) posts  that are beautifully written. Talking about the presense of angels and their visitations to man.

I am aware that this is a subject that might be a bit touchy and start off some wacky debate, but I wanted to write it anyway. The posts that Mark wrote are great posts and at least one of them had me misty. I wrote all of the above to tell you this. I, like Mark beleive that there are angels among us all the time, whether or not we can tell that they are there is another story. I believe sometimes we can.

Back when Patrick and I were going through all of his crazy medical stuff ( well we still are, just not quite as bad) . I had a very bad day. It was the day that I think I posted about having to pull over the car because I was crying so badly. I was overwhelmed with everything that was going on and not really having anyone on Maui to talk to about it. You guys were all being great but I needed something more substantial, for me. Anyway on one of my days off during that time I just had to get away, be anywhere but in my home, and I went for a drive while Patrick slept. I ended up at a small strip mall where there is a Starbuck’s. The day was a bit overcast and looked like a storm was brewing to fit my mood. As I was walking from my car, my mood must have been evident on my face. The reason I say this is that about half way through the parking lot an old man approached me. With his baggy pants, pulled up to his chest struggling to walk towards me with a cane.

As he got closer to me he smiled the most beautiful smile and said ” Son, I want you to look behind you. Look quickly so as you don’t miss it ”

When I turned around to look behind me the Sun broke free of the clouds over the mountains of West Maui and I got to partake in one of the most gorgeous double rainbows I have ever seen. Of course when I turned around to discuss it with the old man, he was gone. Just gone. Now I know you are all most likley thinking I have gone around the bend, that I really am a freak. Well, I can not explain it. He did not get into a car, there were none close to us at the point of our meeting. He did not walk away, the parking lot was small enough that I still would have seen him at the pace he was going at.

 After continuing on my way to Strabuck’s I realized I was not as down and blue as I had been before the man approached, sure my worries were still there but not as constant and niggling as they had been. I learned a few things that day.

That great beauty sometimes breaks free from darkness.

That sometimes to experience life, you have to step out of the big picture, and enjoy some of the things around you.  

And that maybe, just maybe there is something in the cosmos that is aware of our needs and tries to lend a hand when He can.

*** Just in case you wanted to check out Mark’s posts on Angels I did a search on his site. They are titled Angels parts 1 – 3. They are great posts check’ em out if you want ***

A New Maui Cruiser

First of all for those of you not in “the know”, a Maui cruiser is a car.  My first one here was a maroon 1994 Pontiac Grand Am. The thing with Maui cruisers is not everything in them works, at least not all at the same time. In the GA the passenger side window would only go up (or down) when it felt like it, oh, and it had no AC. Truth be told though, it was a good car. It got me from the North shore to the South shore every day for work. Then the inevitable happened, after 2 years something went wrong with it that could not be fixed. At least not by 2 ‘mos on a tight budget.

The something was that the rod that holds your steering column inside the engine area broke lose from the firewall on one side, taking a huge piece of firewall with it. Made for some incredibly adventurous driving let me tell you. Our new M.C. is something that I would never have thought of buying, but so far is turning out to be an exceptional ride. It is a 1999 buick Century LS  . So far the only thing I have found out that is wrong with it is the back windows don’t go down. In itself that will not be a major problem because it has A.C., and a CD player( the CD player has nothing to do with the windows, I am just excited that it has one ). I feel like an old man driving it around but hey I gotta drive something and the price was right. The other 2 really great reasons we bought it is a) it is 5 years younger than the Grand Am and b) it only has 80,000 miles on it, which I think is pretty good for a 1999 model. Anyway, just wanted to share something that was good news related.

In other unrelated news : Big Brother 8 Update : I can not believe both Jen and Kail are still in the house. I told Patrick that I would be very upset if one of them end up winning the whole thing (especially Kail).Seeing as how they have both been nominated for the past 2 times (Kail 3 actually).  One of them needs to go home next. They need to forget about targeting Zack and get one of the Nut Jobs outta there,IMHO. I was very sad to see Nick go home as he was the only eye candy left (well he was until he gave himself a mohawk). Speaking of nut jobs Jameca thought it was “God’s Will” for Jen to stay in the house ….and that the winner is already preordained?????? Puh lease, why even try to win then huh?