First of all for those of you not in “the know”, a Maui cruiser is a car.  My first one here was a maroon 1994 Pontiac Grand Am. The thing with Maui cruisers is not everything in them works, at least not all at the same time. In the GA the passenger side window would only go up (or down) when it felt like it, oh, and it had no AC. Truth be told though, it was a good car. It got me from the North shore to the South shore every day for work. Then the inevitable happened, after 2 years something went wrong with it that could not be fixed. At least not by 2 ‘mos on a tight budget.

The something was that the rod that holds your steering column inside the engine area broke lose from the firewall on one side, taking a huge piece of firewall with it. Made for some incredibly adventurous driving let me tell you. Our new M.C. is something that I would never have thought of buying, but so far is turning out to be an exceptional ride. It is a 1999 buick Century LS  . So far the only thing I have found out that is wrong with it is the back windows don’t go down. In itself that will not be a major problem because it has A.C., and a CD player( the CD player has nothing to do with the windows, I am just excited that it has one ). I feel like an old man driving it around but hey I gotta drive something and the price was right. The other 2 really great reasons we bought it is a) it is 5 years younger than the Grand Am and b) it only has 80,000 miles on it, which I think is pretty good for a 1999 model. Anyway, just wanted to share something that was good news related.

In other unrelated news : Big Brother 8 Update : I can not believe both Jen and Kail are still in the house. I told Patrick that I would be very upset if one of them end up winning the whole thing (especially Kail).Seeing as how they have both been nominated for the past 2 times (Kail 3 actually).  One of them needs to go home next. They need to forget about targeting Zack and get one of the Nut Jobs outta there,IMHO. I was very sad to see Nick go home as he was the only eye candy left (well he was until he gave himself a mohawk). Speaking of nut jobs Jameca thought it was “God’s Will” for Jen to stay in the house ….and that the winner is already preordained?????? Puh lease, why even try to win then huh?