They have caught the culprit. Actually, Patrick and I knew who the culprit was all along, as it was someone who was once quite close to us. Anyway she is in jail now. The charges we have her on are unlawful entry (to get into our house and steal the keys) and grand theft auto (actually driving off in the car w/o our permision). The Sargent that was talking to Patrick today told him that she is actually in custody for some other charges but the ones we have her on are the most harsh, and could send her away for the longest amount of time.

The next step will be Patrick and the D.A. talking. Patrick said that he would be willing to drop all the charges against her if the D. A. will force her into some kind of mandatory drug rehab for a sentenced amount of time . The Sargent said that would be up to the D. A. ,if he can even do that, but it just goes to show what a good man Patrick is . The car is a burnt out husk somewhere in a field according to the police.  Yeah, the girl torched it when she was on Meth and it got stuck in the mud. The good news in all of this is that, since we reported the car stolen we don’t have to go and retrieve it from the field.

So hopefully, the girl will go to rehab and get clean and turn back into the person we used to know and love. That is our wish for her anyway , the car is gone and has been for what 4 months now ? We were over that part awhile ago.  The broken heart and broken trust may still take awhile to heal. But who knows? In the end, we may just get to see, like I wrote in my last post that sometimes great beauty can break free from her darkness.